WATCH: Kimora Lee Simmons on Successes, Failures, Giving Back and Loving Her Tweeps

The wife/mom/mogul shows no signs of slowing down. Such is 'Life in the Fab Lane'

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Wife, mom, mogul: Kimora Lee Simmons (Image: Getty)

Little is left to the imagination when wondering how Kimora Lee Simmons was able to build her multi-million dollar business empire. During a candid conversation with the, the multi-tasking mogul talked about everything from raising her children to be responsible individuals, to her own way of “giving back” with a new classroom makeover campaign; from how proud she is of nieces Angela and Vanessa Simmons, to how proud it makes her when her “tweeps” share their stories of triumph thanks to her inspiration.

With her new fragrance, Love Me, launching this week, a new skincare line this fall, a new collection for KLS and plans to offer her fans a little bit of “luxury,” the wife and mother shows no signs of slowing down. Such is Life (and a new season) in the Fab Lane.

Videographer: Khirlu Burton

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