Teen ‘Breaks the Internet’ with Prom Dress

Kyemah McEntyre says her designs are a response to the challenges black women face

(Image: Instagram)

For some, prom is just one big party. However, for 18-year-old Kyemah McEntyre it was an opportunity to show off her fashion design skills and publicly stand up for black women.

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According to Clutch Magazine, McEntyre designed her prom dress from scratch. The red, gold and yellow detailed, A-lined garment was complete with long sleeves, and a flared shaped, floor-length bottom. She accessorized the dress with a solid gold choker necklace and a matching headpiece, which complimented her natural hair.

Clutch reports that the teen’s designs are a response to the countless number of black women who face harsh criticism from the public, being labeled as “ugly” and “angry.” She hopes her positive attitude gives her peers the confidence to realize that they are the exact opposite of negative stereotypes.

McEntyre went on to win the title of Prom Queen at her high school. It’s unclear if she will pursue a career in fashion design, but hopefully this won’t be the last of her gorgeous creations.

  • Timothy McKnight

    The dress is totally outstanding and loved the choker and specially her kinky locks hair which are making her stand out and making her more beautiful and stunning.

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  • sandre

    Yay! Finally a unique and interesting prom dress that’s actually pretty, instead of all those cotton-candy horrors.

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