Tamar Braxton on Marrying for Money, Vince vs. Toni, and Skin Bleaching Rumors

The always candid Tamar Braxton opens up about her marriage to Vince Herbert, why her sisters may be jealous, and how she is determined to build her brand

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Shining star: Tamar Braxton (Image: We TV)

Tamar Braxton might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but her new legion of fans “live for her!” Since the debut of the reality series Braxton Family Values, the singing (and bickering) clan of Braxton sisters has earned devotees that are eagerly awaiting their refill of family drama. Yet Tamar, inventor of dot-com-isms and the youngest and most vocal of them all, has America addicted with every bit of her candor, unadulterated humor and larger-than-life confidence.

As Tamar prepares for the new season of The Braxton Family Values (premiering Thursday, November 10, at 9pm EST on We TV) BlackEnterprise.com chatted with her about sibling rivalry, why hubby Vince Herbert no longer manages sister Toni, and whether or not there’s any truth to those skin bleaching rumors.

BlackEnterprise.com: First off, let us ask how your hubby [Vincent Herbert, who suffered a pulmonary embolism] is recovering since returning from the hospital.

Braxton: Yes he is fine, thank you.

BlackEnterprise.com: Glad to hear he’s on the mend. We are so happy to see The Braxtons return for a second season. What are we in store for this season?

Tamar Braxton: The Braxtons on steroids (laughs). I think the first season was a very true introduction to who we are and everybody has grown up a bit. This season, again, it’s The Braxtons full on steroids and there are times that I thought, I can’t believe we said that. So people will get a closer look into each of our personal lives this season.

BlackEnterprise.com: So how has reality TV stardom benefited your career?

Braxton: It’s definitely different now. People are curious about how I sound and want to do a record to find out if my big personality is the [real deal] (laughs). But I’m pretty much the same person. I think that’s a great combination. I’m even more excited being myself. I am not a character that I made up. Who I am is who I am.

BlackEnterprise.com: What kind of offers have you received?

Braxton: It’s been a lot of things, but none of them are the right fit for me. Yes I do act, but it’s not what I’m focused on right now. I’m open to it, but again, that’s not the goal right now. So I’m not the attention whore that people think I am. If it doesn’t have anything to do with my sisters, it’s not right…

Out of tune: Toni and Tamar Braxton (Image: We TV)

BlackEnterprise.com: Do you think that the attention you’ve received has caused some sibling rivalry?

Braxton: At first I did, and it was very difficult for me because I would get accused of acting like a prima donna. But I’m like, if y’all think about it, I’ve been making the same faces since I was about 2 [years old]. I think the problem is when you see it on TV it’s magnified. I believe it was difficult for my sisters to watch it and they became defensive. But again, I’ve always been candid and honest. I believe everybody is back to normal and it was more of the surprise the first season.

BlackEnterprise.com: Speaking of which, you had a heated argument with your mom this season who told you she’d “slap the piss out of you” if you ever disrespected her again. What were you thinking in that moment?

Braxton: At that moment I wasn’t embarrassed, but I was definitely shocked and upset. I was thinking, where is this coming from? I didn’t feel, and still don’t feel, I did anything wrong. Because I felt myself being disrespectful I had to [leave]. I didn’t understand the conversation or why we were having a conversation in the first place. Toni and Tracey said I had a problem with singing background, but I’ve always said that I’m blessed and grateful and that it was a start on my career path. However, that’s not what I want to be everyday of my life. It’s okay to change career paths.

BlackEnterprise.com: Do you think their issue with you was because they found out you had done a single through a third party and not directly from you?

Braxton: No, let me remind you, I’ve always said I would do my own record in the first season. When we all came together and talked about doing The Braxtons album, I said, ‘If [Toni’s] gonna do her own record, so am I.’ I didn’t feel I had to call everybody to tell them I was starting my record. When I said to them, ‘Don’t you remember?’ They said, ‘Oh we forgot.’ So I wasn’t trying to be sneaky. I just don’t think I have to give everybody a play-by-play when I’ve already told them [my plans].

BlackEnterprise.com: Understood. So will your hubby serve as your manager?

Braxton: At this point he does, but it’s tough because I’m his wife and sometimes it’s hard to separate the two. When we have date-night he doesn’t want me to talk about work, but I’m like you can’t just cut off and you have to let me know because I have issues I need to discuss and things to figure out [regarding my project]. (Laughs). So it’s a work in progress and we’re working through how to balance it all.

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  • sammy

    Toni is was and always be the talent in that family. Tamar is last example I would want my daughter to follow. Selfish, materialistic individual.

    • Jay

      I agree. I love Toni. Tamar is a black kim kardashian GOLDDIGGER!

      • Bre

        Toni is my favorite. She truly is a humble woman. Jay, don’t insult kim kardashian. To compare Kim to Tamar is ridiculous. Kim Kardashian is not a golddigger. She produced her own riches with her family. Kim Kardashian is a business woman, Tamar Braxton is a golddigger on my opinion. What is her occupation? An aspiring singer/actress who gained her riches from her spouse. She didn’t earn her money like Kim Kardashian. How dare you stoop Kim Kardashian to Tamar’s level.

        • Concerned


          Kim Kardashian became famous because she made a sex tape with Ray J. So she is worse than a gold digger.

        • Happy

          Bre you sound dumber than you look. Kim kardashian claim to fame is a sex tape with Brandys little brother ray J. Basically she is a porn star! She was BFF’s with Paris Hilton and she saw first hand how Paris sex tape made her “famous” and she wanted in so she did just that! Tamar made her money honesty by singing and working hard. So don’t you dare bring Tamar down to that whore Kim Trashian level.

        • miko

          Another restaurant cliaimed to use fresh mozz arella cheese,where it’s dishes were actually made with economy cheddar.the “fresh pasta”advertieshed on another meau tumed out to be frozen.–Agedate. c0m –a nice and free place for younger women and older men,or older women and younger men,to interact with each other.

        • Cynthia

          Um..quick question what exactly was/is Kim’s job? Um..you do know how she became famous..lets see become famous with my family while making a career(like Kim’s sisters did) or make a sex video like kim..And I believe like you said (that’s my opinion well he was stating his) so its not insulting her just stating facts..

          • Setting it Straight

            To all who don’t know: KK first started a BUSINESS selling designer shoes on ebay from the money her dad gave her for allowance. She then became a stylist for Ray Jay and Brandy which is how they met. So, she is and has always been a business women. Yes she became KNOWN from her sex tape, however with or without that she would still be a BUSINESS WOMEN- Not a Whore, Not a Golddigger, but a business women. Also her dad ( who was one of OJay Simpsons lawyers) left her and her and her siblings a multimillion dollar trust fund so she doesnt have to be no bodies golddigger. She just made a bad choice in allowing her self to be taped while having sex!! Check the FACTS!

        • Killlllah

          You should check your history, Kim K. comes from a high-earning father (Robert Kardashian) and an Olympic athlete/highly paid motivational speaker stepfather (Bruce Jenner). Tamar Braxton had a HOT album out around 2000. She may be over the top, materialistic, and among other things, self-centered. No different than Kartrashian though….she just masks her demons!

    • D.S.

      Wow, really? My mind is blowed…lol I stop by to read the interview???This is what I get from viewers, I am an Author who is working on my novel Naive(www.wix.com/authordivaasouth/blackkissesent). Come on ppl this is reality TV, to say that the Braxton’s have no class, not attrative( to to surgeries and attitudes) are going over board. If someone followed you and your family around it would look like a big mess too? When I am all nautral without make up then put on make up I transform as well. I have successful friends and I’m not jealous. I have what’s for ME to make Me happy…I’m sure each sister has qualities that make them who they are not wanting to be the OTHER sister. As far as Tamar and Vince, if he is anything like my guy I know why Tamar loves him…I have a big and tall man, he is my armor and I love it. I can relate I’m very much over the top, spoiled, and hard working for my nice things that I want in life…so what no need to be sorry for it. Tamar I feel you, you are a SINGER as well as your sisters!!! Congrats to the Braxtons they are BACK!….I am a young lady these girls motivate me to work hard they are mothers who battle w/ life, careers, and husbands all while in the spot light following there dreams at least their not on TV walking aroung like life is flawless.

    • elain

      You should be your daughter’s example!

      • elain

        sorry this was ment for Sammy!

    • elain

      You should be your daughter’s example, no one else!

  • Davina

    I think that Tamar has to much attitude for me…always putting her two cents into everybody else business. Thinking she knows everything it is really sick and I have no respect for that.

    • Kezia


      I agree with you! She has too much to say too much of the time!

    • jen

      I totally agree,some nights I get so frustrated I have to switch the channel.The childish tantrums and constant insults absolutely drives me.I watch the show only because of Toni,Towanda and their Mother………Traci’s cool too but she’s the black sheep and Tamar needs to layoff her sometimes…………..UUuuuggggh!!!!!Tamar grow the *****-up! Your not in high school,dang!

  • Linda

    Let Tamar do Tamar, so what she has mouth, so do a lot of others, so what if she has p.s so does others and if she likes teddy bears what the hell does it matter to any one. thick folks are very loveable too. all your haters get a dam life, I am a stone cold toni fan but loved her family to in the show, god bless all of them.

  • Tammy

    Leave Tamar ALONE..nobody is perfect and only God can judge her!..I think her and Vince make a cute couple not to mention you can clearly see he loves her and no amount of negative comments is gonna change that or their marriage. Huge Toni fan Ive been for years but am now a fan of the whole clan..God Bless them all

    • Rebecca

      Well I am very blessed and have no reason to be jealous of Tamar but she really is stuck on stupid. She so far up her — that she really don’t realize how stupid she looks sometimes. I don’t knock anything she do or have but sometimes its just waaay too much mouth and it don’t look good. She is very conceited to the point it becomes rude/

  • Gwen

    Ditto, Tammy! People are SO jealous and mean-spirited. Tamar loves Vince and those of you who think she married him just for his money need to shut-up. Speak for yourself! I love teddy bears as well! Really enjoy this show and a peek into their lives. They’re all beautiful, talented, and have very vibrant personalities. Absolutely love Ms. E!

  • weebly.artbyk.com

    Tamar is SO enjoyable to watch! i probably wouldn’t watch BFV if she wasn’t on as much. If Vince loves her and she loves him, then what is everyone else’s problem?

  • Cee

    I just don’t believe that she (and this is solely based on what I see on the show) that she is physically attracted to her husband. I think that they are more like “Friends/Buisness Partners” than lovers in a committed relationship. He seems to provide her mostly with counsel/finances rather than husbandly affection. If her and Toni doesn’t bleach their skin, then the off tone is due to tanning. They look crazy. You can tell that they are doing something, b/c none of the other sister’s skin look like that.

    • AKD

      I agree wholeheartedly, I do NOT think Tamar is in love with her husband. They lack chemistry and appear to have more of a business relationship rather than being an intimate married couple. I doubt they even sleep in the same bed. She married him because she knows he has the money and power to boost her music career. If it wasn’t for Vince she would still be singing background for her sister Toni.

  • Saylove

    I think Toni looks like a baby doll. She is so pretty. I believe all of them are attractive. The only thing I feel that Tamar needs to realize is that she brags to much about money and material things, and she is disrespecful to her sisters, and it does not seem that her relationship with her husband is a romanic one. I do believe she is with him for the paper. Sorry.

  • Fifi

    All of the Braxton girls are a hot mess and nobody’s role models for empowering women! Don’t forget how dark and big nosed Toni was when she was first discovered by Babyface and they did a duet together. Even the mother seems to be jumping on board with the plastic surgery, lipo, skin bleaching, etc. How about Tamar start educating her mother in the use of proper grammar! What sort of education does Tamar even have? I find them all to be very low class, foul mouthed, ignorant misfits. Tamar is trying so hard to be someone she obviously is not (false hair, false nose, false color, false face and body altogether!). She can stand a good dose of humility and so can the rest of them. Too materialistic, arrogant, and hypocritical, the whole lot of them!

    • Seriously Though

      Tamar clearly has issues, but who doesn’t??? She’s not all that bad. She is very disrespectful to her sisters because she shows no respect for them as being older than she is. I actually appreciate the show because seeing the way Tamar treats/talks to her sisters gave me a serious reality check on the way I speak to my older sister. Tamar’s career will never go anywhere for the simple fact that Toni came out first and people would only see/think that Tamar is riding Toni.If Tamar was the one who came out first, then Toni would have the same issues Tamar is having with trying to get her career stated now. I think reality TV messes up family because viewers do exactly what mmost of you all are doing now, comparing and playing them against each other! Those girls have a bond not even the devil can break and I respect that, they are there for each other no matter what at the end of the day!….. I like the show and hope that they have many more seasons to follow!

    • Seriously Though

      and FiFi you sound a little salty…lmao… its their bodies and money, they can do whatever they want with it. Toni was never “dark” as most of you all are trying to make her!….. Haterism (in my Trina’s voice) doesn’t look goos on you. #GETURLIFE!!!!! #Tamar’s Voice

  • JT

    I thought I’d like watching The Braxtons, but Tamar disabused me of that notion; I haven’t watched one episode all the way through. I find Tamar’s attitude, especially, intolerable. She seems to forget that if it weren’t for Toni she, Tamar, would be just another gal from the ghetto. OTOH, I hope I don’t feel about this family as the poster above me does. That’s a little extreme.

  • Cori D

    I love Tamar. She is my favorite of all of the sisters. Yes she is over the top (laughs) but she owns it! And even though my opinion about her marriage is irrelevant (and so is everybody else’s) I believe she loves her husband, and I believe he loves her. God bless them!

    • Kala

      I so agree with that comment.

  • Meanchick

    Bleaching her skin soley to remove stretch marks? Is she serious? Does she think we buy that? There are other procedures for that that don’t include whitening the skin. More fakery. OPwn whatever decisions you make and since she cannot, how can she empower other young women to do so?

    • Yamajasti

      Um, what she is saying is, that “IF” she bleached her skin then there should be no evidence of stretch marks… but there is evidence “so boom.” She’s not saying she bleaches in order to remove stretch marks.

  • ki

    I find Tamar to be soooo annoying. She is so gassed off herself. She is not pretty and she looked way better before the surgeries. If she had any real talent her husband would have long ago made an album for her. Better yet she wouldn’t have been dropped from her prior label. She is rude,conceited,materialistic and fake. People like her need a good whooping to put them back in there place.

    • Edel Smith

      Amen!!! Well said!!!

      • joyce burt

        I wholeheartly agree that Tamar sooooo senseless she doesn’t listen to anyone. Empower someone that is a crock of mess–she don’t know except about herself.

  • juan

    I love the Braxtons period. But i do know that they’d be nothing without Toni first. I do like Tamar too but, i think she is materialistic when it comes down to certain things. So i hope in the future that they work out their long past issues with their Father leaving while they were young and finding a way to be at peace and move on in life as adult mature women who now have lives of their own.

    • Felita

      Very well stated Juan, my feelings exactly, sweet, short, and to the point! I always believed every girl needs a good father image, and I love all of the Braxtons as well. I hope one day they will have a great relationship with their dad in the future! God bless everybody!

  • sammyboyboy

    Toni is was and always be the talent in that family. Tamar is last example I would want my daughter to follow. Selfish, materialistic individual.

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  • kristen

    Anyone who thinks any of these melted face creeps are even remotely attractive need to get their eyes checked. Or they must only know super ugly people. Seriously? The Braxtons don’t even look human anymore. Especially Tamar.

  • Gwenni

    Tamar makes the Braxton’s show. Although, she is over the top most of the time she keeps it real. Of course, Toni Braxton is talented but they are all talented in their own ways.

  • Tawanda Harris

    I don’t know if Tamar bleaches her skin or not and I really don’t care. There is never any hugs, kisses, loving touches between her and Vince on the show which is why people doubt they have a real marriage based on love. Toni probably has skin issues because of lupus. I have lupus and there is a lot of skin issues that go along with that condition. Vince is probably not managing Toni anymore because Tamar probably threw a fit about how he should be concentrating on her project and you CAN’T manage your wife and her sister at the same time, especially if the wife is so EXTRA like Tamar is. I prefer to see Toni perform, watching Tamar on the Soul Train Awards was like watching watching Toni perform after drinking 4 high energy drinks. Tamar sounds like Toni, mimics Toni, and was just ALL OVER THE PLACE. I have said and I will say again, Tamar is jealous of Toni!!

    • ndh7

      @ Tawanda Harris, I totaly agree that Tamar is jealous of Toni. Nothing about Toni suggests that she’s teh jealous one. Tamar just made that crap up in her head. I really want to believe that she & Vince have a “real” romantic type relationship but I’m just not getting the warm & fuzzies from them. However it could be because Tamar’s attitude is so over the top that her ego overshadows any proof that there’s a real relationship there. At least that’s what the camera’s show us. Editing can be a b*tch too!

  • Zinagurl

    Tamar can sing I give her that but so can the other sister. and I like all the sister. I enjoyed Tamar last season. But her success has gone completely to her HEAD! She is very annoying this season. that’s why her mom checked her. She spends to much time trying to steal the spotlight from her sisters. Toni is a lovely mature women who can handle success. Im glad she dropped Vince he won’t push her career. It would love to see all the sister capitalize on this opportunity. I believe Vince and Tamar planned for Tamar to out shine the other sisters especially Toni with her antics so he could push her solo career. Lying about doing a album. Please Tamar have several seats and leave your ego and attitude at the DOOR!!!

  • Zinagurl

    I agree with @Tawanda Harris Tamar is very jealous of Toni Braxton’s success. She did sound like Toni at the Soul Train Awards and I noticed that Toni wasn’t there. Her performance was over the top you could tell she was elated to finally be in the spotlight instead of Toni because she sees Toni as a has been who’s time has passed. Toni is just going to give her enough rope and let her hang herself because, she can see how the spotlight is changing her. The sisters are really annoyed with her behavior so much they are talking to the press about it. Vince and Tamar show no love for each other on the show the argue and disagree ALL the time because Tamar is so demanding. How long will it last once Tamar’s career takes off.

  • Bebbie

    Tamara needs to get over it that Toni is the talent and she is the dustinthebackground.com. Toni continue to sweep her under the rug, because she lacks talent,

    Her husband is like a plastic.com ready with the bling bling and the ching ching, I have to agree with others I do not see the love only a business conditional marriage.

    • kandi

      Yes so true!

  • boo-boo chicago

    The Soul Train Awards Organization should be ashamed. Tamar Braxton was the absolute pits on this show. Even Gladys Knight looked uncomfortable watching her perform. I hope her (Tamar’s) so-called “career” never takes off, based on her rude and obnoxious personality. I also hope that her mom really does “slap the piss” out of her. Now that I would pay big bucks to see!!!

    • Sexy Creole

      @boo-boo chicago….girl!!!!!!!!! you gon stop it!! lol You have got to get outta my head!!! lol I COMPLETELEY AGREE!!!! Everything you’ve said, I was thinking THE SAME EXACT THING!!!!!


    I like the Braxton’s family,i think they all have beautiful voices.Tamar destiny and karma is coming from above and if Vince is the one enchaned her career so be it, God the universe knows.It comes from above anyway.People are so quick to be judgmental@ totally forget about the spiritual side of life.Bravo for the whole family…

  • Liz

    Is Vince wearing lipgloss?

    • anonomous

      vince does’nt look or act like he’s well. instead of tamar worrying about her career she should be worrying about his health! she talked about him for eating a salad which is what he should be doing. he should be on an exercise program also. tamar should be concerned about keeping her husband alive and healthy and not about her career.

    • Janine

      Trina does look like Ashanti but a darker shade of skin color. she is iebutaful and Toni braxton is so adorable. her eyes are precious and i love her personality

  • peaceful64

    The sad thing is how so many people live their lives through tv, and actually think they know these people. None of us are in this couples home after the cameras are off. They want u to assume there’s no passion in their relationship so u can continue to watch week after week. I like the show, I like the laughs, and as far as skin bleaching, it’s called changing the shades of their makeup. Believe me so many actors and actresses do it. Believe me all of this comes with a price, and that is all the wear and tear on these peoples skin, hair, etc. I’ve been on numerous sets and if you’ve seen most of these people without their makeup you would be affraid…lol Once again I love the show, the laughs, and I think everyone should get off of the negative BS, and just take it for what it really is and that is REALITY TV!!! GOD BLESS

  • noirhollywood.blogspot.com

    Personaly I find irony in the Braxtons being a Black version of the Kardashians when they have been around so much longer. I love that we can turn on the tv and see people who look like us living the fabulous life. The individual personalities of the sisters and drama they have are the spice that make the stew. I started collecting Black Movies and writing my blog because there seems to be such a lack of them these days as oposed to just a mere 10 years ago in the 90s. Each sister represents a different type of woman and anyone from a large family knows very well how overexagerated these personality types can be. I am more concerned with viewers lack of response to Traci being depressed and stuck ijn the same place while her family moves on without her than anything. Where is your compassion? Is the self proclaimed diva the only thing of value we see in the Braxton Family? You are the role model for your daughter. Tamar is the role model for the 30 something who is trying to be where she is ten years from now without making the mistake of sacrificing her dreams, which Tamar readily admits too. It takes courage to live in front of the cameras and I am thankful that a family who looks like me has the opportunity to be taken seriously by the networks for a change.

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  • Marguerite Bodiford

    I’m so sick and tired of Tamar, I don’t know what to do. She’s got so much attitude and she thinks the’s the finest thing, which she isn’t. I’m glad Toni got another manager because Tamar was too much up in the business. Tamar will never be Toni, so sit your ass down. Traci, get a life.

  • dee

    Tamar husband looks like he can not stand to look at her.everybody notice it when he walk in the radio station why he kiss the other lady and not his wife.Plese show some love for your wife,because it looks so bad.and please get healthy go and have the weight lost surgery he has the money he will add more years to his life.life is too short and you are to young to die..

  • struggln2makeit_fh

    I admire Toni Braxton for her strengths. I really enjoy their show. Toni is the Most talented The number one Singer of that Family, yes her sisters can sing. Tamar you are blessed and a doll, you can sing but babygirl don’t playa hate to do your thing and be jealous of your sister that is so wrong.com. I may only be 39 but I have come a long way in life, there are many things that I do that my sister or brother can’t do but I am not flaunting what I know can do in front of them, because it is disrespctful and not cool at all. to all the Braxton Sisters and the Mother, You have inspired me in many ways. Just so that you know that. There are many people that inspire me, but You remind me of what its like to go through many things and rising to the occassion to accomplish dreams no mattter the downfalls. All my love, and prayers, your biggest Fan struggln2makeit_fh. God Bless You all! Love laugh and live to laugh again, put God first and foremost, family second and then all else shall fall into place! Toni, I am your number one fan I have been listening to Your music since I first heard Your music, One of my personal favorites is 7 whole days, followed my that is Another Sad love song.”

  • Lawd da Mercy

    Tamar brags about her fat out of shape husband, who happens to have loads of money.
    She comes across as fake,selfish and materialistic.
    Clearly she’s been under the knife and bleached.
    A serious music career, she will never achieve.

    • kandi


    • mrs. rich

      I agree, Tamara got it mix up alond with some of that weave she be wearing. If it was not for Toni none of them would be relevant. She has the show call the Braxton , not Toni Braxton, that is the only reason the network added the show to the network because of her. Tamara you need a reality check and when they publish your album and you show you will see that you need you sister a lot more than you think. When you forget where you come from you will soon discover that the fall will be hard and your husband and Toni love you they will still be there for you but you have gotta back up . That fall is going to hurt girly.And on the award I don’t think you did such a great job. just say. com

  • Jazzie

    I put it like this he knew that she was spoiled when he married her. She was born with that mouth.com. Tell you the truth I don’t like how he treat her. Yes, money is out there to be made but, listen to what your wife has to say. He is wrapped up into that phone that he ignores her all the time. He always walking off or cutting the conversation short. As much as he walks off from her when they are having a conversation he should be a size 2. Just saying.com

    • kandi

      Listen for what she never make any sense!

  • Rosa

    Im not a fan of tamar. She’s 35 trying to start a music career,really. All these years has passed what has she been doing? Tamar cannot compete with all these other girls out here, there younger,more humble and have actual talent. Tamar is shallow and thinks society owes her something. she’s loud and annoying and her wigs and weaves look outrageous. All the money she has, she can’t afford a stylist to give her a more natural looking weave. Tamar has what she has because she is married to a rich man, she did not earn nothing on her own,she’s has not aquired any kind of success. She’s been a backup singer her whole life,that all she has accomplished. That’s not a big accomplishment for someone approaching 40.

    • kandi

      So True!

    • dragongirl

      Look if people listened to you about following their dreams…no one would. Tamar is not starting a career at 35..she’s been around for longer than that….and so what if she was 35 starting a career? No one should ever give up on their dreams…and people should never listen to someone like you…pessimistic!!!

  • jay

    Don’t worry Tamar….. We’ll able be here to greet you on your way down. You fake, phony cow….

  • lily

    Tamar is too loud, arrogant and mean spirited. Vincent needs to wake up, because she only is with him for the money. I believe if she reaches the super star status she wants, Vincent will be history. I hope he has a prenuptial agreement. DURING AN EPISODE SHE TOLD HER SISTER THAT “I DON’T LOOK AT VINCENT AND THINK I WANT TO HIS BABY.” That proved that she is NOT ATTRACTED to Vincent. Poor Vincent, I believe he knows it. He has just had difficulty selecting the right person, Toni should have never set them to up. Tamar is jealous of Toni’s success and riches, because Toni earned them on her own. Tamar resents the fact that she has not become rich on her own like Toni and probably would lose what she has if she leaves Vincent. THEY ARE NOT A CUTE COUPLE, BECAUSE HE SEEMS MUCH MORE MATURE THAN SHE. TAMAR ACTS LIKE A SPOIL TEEN. It’s obvious that Toni loves her family and she has been the key to all of there success. Tamar is jealous and not half the woman Toni is.

    • kandi


    • Yamajasti

      A “Cute couple”, really? What’s this… 7th grade?

  • Lisa Smith

    i think Tamar should be ashamed of herself shes very, selfish and jealous of her big sister Toni. She have all this money and wont help out the two sisters taht are not financially blessed as much as Trina and Toni. I dont believe shes in love with her husband. Shes in loved with what he can do for her. Shes not all that cute because she wears to much makeup and the wigs need to go. If she had good self esteem then she wouldnt use botox, and all the other things to enhance the way she looks. She needs to stop talking so much and listen to people advice. She dont know everything. Her husband need to grow some balls amd tell her to sent down somewhere. All she does is walk over him. HE DESERVES BETTER!!! shes to wild for him.

  • Robin Wilkerson

    This is a reality show and I look at it as just that. It’s entertainment.
    If everybody got along it would not be interesting. I have always admired Toni and her sisters. I’m not interested in their beauty regimine. If everybody had the same personality, I definitely would not be watchimg.
    Even though they have their differences, I believe they truly love each other. Mom demands respect and gets it. I like that. And we all know, that opposites attract. Blessings to Tamar and Vince.

  • real talk with toy………

    ok first of all tamar u tryin to turn stuff around no one is sayin anything about vince’s weight at all that is not why people wonder if your useing him.com(laughs)i myself say that because you r way out there with your mouth i think u are too much for your own britches and because your husband is so professional.com and is the bread winner for your household all u see is money…hon vince can have any available young lady out here that look way better then u so boom.(laughs)and as for your sister u will never get there honey your sister is a legend no one knew about u before TONY’S show i say again TONY’s show.(tony and vince not working together anymore is way above you head trust and im sure they didnt bother tellin you everything waist of time….COM oh and i just have to let u know to tell your sister tracy her time to shine is comein i pray she DO NOT listen to u cause can not tell her nothing at all (while your tryin to make tracy look like she dont have a bit of scense…dont forget while u pointing one finger thousands is pointing back at you……….GROW UP.

    • kandi

      So true!! I like Vince I just think so don’t know how to treat him because all she see is $$$$$! With her ulgy ass ulgy attitude ulgy ways ulgy face! She just ulgy…She need to grow up and yes thousands of fingers are pointing back at you! She always wanna be in the spot light and being in the spot light comes with a lot of bad press not always good your showing your true colors and that’s going to be her down fall! Really Quick! Toni is successful because of her music and the fact she remain humble take notes!!!!!!!!



  • Concerned

    Who cares is ANYBODY bleaches their skin? It’s their skin……get over it!

  • Bonnie

    Tamar talk so much because she is insecure. There is a lot of love in this family specially among the sisters. Mrs. Braxton has done an excellent job raising them. Toni is the star and the reason the sisters have recognition today. Before Toni know one really knew who the Braxton’s sisters were. Tamar is 35 without any children her time clock is running out. Vince loves his wife but Tamar is a spoiled immature 35 year old she acts to selfish and materialistic. Toni manager throughout all these years Vince could not manager her because his wife her sister had have real jealousy issue surrounding Toni. At 35 you lost your chance of becoming a famous singer you need some babies at least two. Although Vince most likely will help her make a album its not going anywhere and he knows this. Hope Vince never leave her because her mouth is her down fall.

  • kandi

    Tamar need to shut her plastic ass face up!! I’m so over .com.net.org! Girl get a real voice that sound like something before you try and swallow the mic!! You and Vince relationship is a fake and the reason yall acted as if yall love each other lastnight is because yall have been reading the blogs! Tamar is too extra too much, she opens her mouth and place it in everybody business…Her mouth is always open wide to someone elses problems when she need to be swallowing her fat ass husband whole!! I love Toni,Trina,Tracey, and Ms. E Towanda needs to get the leach off of her tits he is sucking her bone dry with his unemployeed ass! Who ever don’t like my comments Tuff they are my comments you can kiss my ass I’M OUT!!!!!

    • Paula

      @Kandi LMAO thanks for pointing out Towanda’s husband…geesh! I wish a nucca would just live off of me. I wish her strength to move on so he will have no choice BUT to get off his ass and help provide for their family. There is no excuse for that tom-foolery.

    • kookoo kandi


      • kandi

        @KooKoo Kandi: I said that because some people are getting mad about other peoples opinions none of us know them personally, I’m just speaking on how I view the show and their personalities! There are some people who take other people comments too serious that’s y that’s at the end of my comment. I have a bigger question y are u offened?? If it didn’t apply let it fly!

    • Ademir

      Posted on Hi there, I discovered your blog by the use of Google at the same time as sinrcheag for a similar matter, your web site came up, it looks great. I’ve bookmarked it in my google bookmarks.

  • Kezia

    It is amazing how ppl really care about what’s going on in other ppl’s lives. Makes me wonder if certain ppl have some business of their own. However, Tamar attitude and concietedness disgust me. It makes her look so ugly. Like someone else said she looked okay without all the surgery. I think she can sing but she doesn’t seem to be too serious in her career as she let on. In the show she dictated everything the producers was trying to tell her. She don’t believe she be singing flat when she do. She wants to be more than what she is. She is very materalistic and whether she really loves her husband remains to be unseen but I think that is between him and her. Towanda should let her husband branch out and be a man. The children have nothing to do with it. I think she just like the fact that he can watch the kids while she travel with her sisters. Toni is very humbled and I like her out of all them.

  • ceara

    I myself enjoy the show, I love Toni and she is the star and tamar needs to stop trying to compete with her. I dont see love between vince and tamar. She gets on his LAST nerve and its obvious shes like a child always trying to get attention, I dont like how he ignores her and everythime she even tries to be civil with him he shuts her all the way down, thats embarrassing.com… Im sure she is with him for money, and hey thats her business but they arent in love with eachother, hes happy to have a girl and shes happy to have his money and thats it but thats just my take on it..

    • kandi

      I have to really agree with u!

  • Cat

    How can some of you sit up and say whether or not she loves her husband????????????? Why is that so hard to believe……..cause he doesnt look like Boris Kodjoe or somebody????????????? From what I have observed, Vince has a great personality, he’s smart, ambitious and cares about his wife and treats her like a queen. Those are qualities a woman looks for in a man, most of you are prob still single or sharing a man with several different women just cause he “looks good”. Grow the f up.

    • kandi

      Its no question he love her, I think the question is more so do she love him? Your right he keep her dripped in diamonds and I do believe her love her but I think if and when she get on the come up he will be gone!! She will move on to the next! That’s my opinion.

  • rahayes

    Shocking… Unprecedented !! oh wait… just like most of us… linking up hoping to move up.

  • Deeva

    I LOVE TAMAR! She has moxy, she’s talented and beautiful. I have siblings so I can relate to having someone around who is loud and attention seeking…oh wait, I just described myself! LOL. Anyway, God is the only judge. A lot of sistahs wish they had a man who loved them and was in a financial situation to take care of house and home soooo quite hatin! #GoTeamTamar and I can’t wait for the album to drop. Tamar must be doing something right to be getting all of this HATE!

    • kandi

      All I have to say its reality TV they want you to see what’s going on in their lives and people have views and comments and opionion’s just like assholes everybody have 1. That’s all I don’t think its hate @ all its a blog that’s what people do write about how the feel and view certain situations. Nobody even know these people to hate on them I think that term is used to loosely.

    • Reesa

      You are to much!! First of all you are defending someone who is nasty to people by saying whatever comes to head. Not taking there feelings into consideraion. But when her sisters speak their minds to her all hell breaks lose. Poor tamar, they just jealous of me. Thats funny! For her to accuse Toni of being jealous of her after all that toni did to include her sisters in her career..how ungrateful. Defending tamar is crazy. Also God dorsnt favor people being mean spirited. Acknowleging that someone is mean is not judging. Its just fact.

  • kandi

    @KooKoo Kandi: I said that because some people are getting mad about other peoples opinions none of us know them personally, I’m just speaking on how I view the show and their personalities! There are some people who take other people comments too serious that’s y that’s at the end of my comment. I have a bigger question y are u offened?? If it didn’t apply let it fly!

  • Nicole

    I like Tamar. She is who she is, she loves her husband,and even if she is crazy with them, she loves her family. I don’t like that she is loud and can be disrespectful at times but I can relate trying to be the center of attention. She is her own person. I do wish she cared more for how she sounds and learn a bit of humility while on camera. I’m not saying don’t be outspoken; I mean don’t be so loud and speak about things in an inappropriate manner.

  • Angeline

    One thing I cant understand is Why would it be any business to anyone posting on this board or anywhere else if Tamar bleaches her skin or not. I just dont understand, and this IS AFFECTING YOU, HOW? People are just crazy these days, and have something to say about everything, and wish they could control everything. Why the hell do you care what somebody else is doing to their own body? I just dont get it. Also yall dont know a damn thing about these people just cause you see a tv show once a week. How can you say that woman doesn’t love her husband? Why cause if he was your husband you wouldn’t? In this world you need to have at least half of Tamar’s confidence cause there are people lined up to keep you down. And there are plenty of siblings that come from the same two parents and have different skin tones. I just dont get it. People need to spend as much time judging themselves as they do others. This woman does not owe any of you anything. Just keep being you Tamar and stay blessed!

  • April

    I think Tamar loves Vince but…I don’t know whether he loves her or not but it doesn’t act like it. He always has something negative to say to her when she needs advice and he always walks away. I really don’t think he want to support her in her career. Maybe he wants to control her or he fears she will be successful. I like Tamar…she does have a lot of mouth but I truly think she is a sweet person, but she can come across a certain way and you won’t really get her if you don’t make an effort to. Toni is my least favorite of everybody on the show. She seems like she has an issue sharing the spotlight (I have heard her insinuate this on the show) and seems a bit snobby to me. Tracy is OK, I like Towanda, but Trina and Ms. Evelyn are my favorites.

  • Juliet

    Tamar needs to close her mouth for 1 minute and just stop and think, “why hasn’t she made it in the industry, up until now”….And it’s simply because of her attitude. I’ve heard her sing, she has a great voice but no Professional wants to deal with that.

    I believe she loves Vince, she’s just not “In love” with him and he knows it and he’s cool with that.

    However, I love watching her some of the time, to me she’s like drinking 100% chocolate, it’s great the first sip but too much of it, will make you sick.

  • Juliet

    There is NO WAY a person can give lessons on self estime when they endorse plastic surgery.

    The concept of feeling good about who you are, as long as you can change who you are, is a complete oxy-moron.

    I think Tamar you`re looking to give lessons on how to teach young women to `speak what`s on your mind` and not care what other people think. That`s not a lesson in self estime, that`s a lesson in being opinonated.

  • WilkChristopher

    Wow, many of your comments blew me away, however, I feel that the couple is young and the friendship needs to be there. What’s wrong with Vince being a provider, this is what a woman deserves from a man. May God continue to bless this couple and I wish their marriage lasts a lifetime.

  • Leslie

    I love everyone on the show equally. I really love Tamar and her mom Ms. E.
    Tamar is loud and a bit ghetto at times, but her tender side shines through at times too. She is very honest, brutally honest at times. But, every family has a tamar in it. I have a feeling, if anyone did anything to one of her siblings or mom. Tamar would be the first there defending her family. Tamar is outspoken and independent natured. Don’t be haters, because tamar always keeps it real with herself and others.

    Mrs. E, you totally rock. I gave my mom a hug after seeing you give Tamar the riot act. Your mama will always love you… rich or poor.
    You love all your kids equally.

    Love you toni……. you are a true big sister…. She cares alot about her family members.

    Trina, you are good person and gabe did you wrong in your marriage, but that doesn’t mean you should be flirting like you do ALL the time with your band mate. Cheating on him doesn’t make the situation better.
    I thought you had a alcohol problem, why is wine glass in your hand all the time in your down time… but you are really a sweet woman.

    Traci, I love you deeply. You are living in the real world and you don’t mind it. I wish you sisters will stop leaving you behind.

    Towanda, you are the maturest of them all Ms. secret squirrel. I know you love and respect your husband. But, you need to cut that ball and chain loose. He needs to get a job and stop letting Trina’s husband take care of him and his family.

  • JustMe

    I will say this! Tamar will always be Tamar, but she needs to face reality. The way the music industry is moving right now,I doubt thatTamar would be the start that she would ever want to be! Also the statement she made about empowering young women about self esteem issues. Double Negative! How could a women, who has not made a name for herself, who has lived in her sisters image, now in her husbands, and is a walking poster for plastic surgery, were does she get off trying to be a role model. A role model is a person who has overcomed barriers and have made a positive name for themselves by acieving theior goals…I wouldn’t count making your appointment for the plastic surgeon, a goal that was achieved!……JustMe!

  • Gee-Gee

    Tamar is OVER_THE_TOP.COM! On screen it appears that her husband loves her very much; however, it appears on screen, it is not reciprocated. Tamar, A role model for young girls? I don’t see it unless she’s teaching them HOW NOT TO BEHAVE LIKE A BRAT. IMO, wearing a wig or a weave or bleeching your skin or plastic surgery, is either a plus or minus when it comes to self esteem. Self Esteem is about feeling good about your SELF and if those things help you to feel good about your SELF, then run with it! (No I don’t bleech, never had any cosmetic (plastic) surgery, but have worn braces and will put a weave in it if I so choose to do so.) I don’t know if she’s jealous of Toni’s “stardom” or vice-versa yet it appears she believes Music is the Braxon’s business and not solely Toni’s. She (Tamar) also throws her “money weight” around alot especially with Towanda and Traci! JMO

  • Gee-Gee

    Also there are a lot of women who love teddy bear-like men with or without money so I don’t hold that against Tamar; yet, it appears he loves her more. I don’t believe Vince is mean or negative towards Tamar, as a matter of fact I believe he pretty much calls her on all of her BS regarding her “music” career. IMO, when he shuts her down or walk away from her it’s not to belittle or disrespect her but that he is aware of the cameras and know if he goes toe-to-toe with her she will go wayyyyyyyyy over-the-top with her antics. So it will be interesting to see how their relationship will play out on their own show.

  • dg

    This comment section is filled with a bunch of white -racist black women hating wannabe bitches talking about how the Braxtons are unattractive, this and that, even claiming Tamar is worst than that trash Kim Kardashian who have slept with countless rappers and married the sorry baseball player, give me a break. I like Tamar, she is over the top but I think its because they look at her as the youngest and never gives her credit so she is paying them back for probably the years of being mistreated. The mother pissed me off and seems to always agree with Toni no matter if she knows anything about the issue at hand.

  • keith

    so the haters are saying its ok for white people to change the color of there skin but blacks can’t? you haters should get mad when white people go to tanning salons to change there fair white skin to a dark tan color… i guess the majority rules huh?! if the majority did it than its ok… it goes with why black women straighten there hair cause the majority does than its ok….

    • Thalia

      Ah, if I lived in NY I would most definitely be there:) Congrats toguhh…it sounds like a wonderful evening and gosh, I would love to see the video if you are able to get it up. Have a lovely weekend!!

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  • Chaye Watkins

    It’s nothing wrong w/ speaking your mind but she {Tamar}goes overboard at times & how is her sister Tracy ghetto because she doesn’t want to leave {nut bush} Maryland as she calls it,that Atlanta/L.A mess has gone to her head she’s more ghetto than {Tracy} if that’s the case,I mean really did she forget where she came from,I use to think that she{Tamar} looked more like Toni than the rest of them but now she looks like she can be Lil’ Kim’s sister & LaToya Jackson’s daughter after enhancing her beauty i guess…. I’m just sayin’ & with all of that being said I love the sisterly love that they have for each other,they do have each others back they argue & bicker like family do but the love is still there regardless.

  • jackieyou

    With deepest respect and warm regards to those who have and are currently serving in all U.S. military branches and in law enforcement.. Thank You for protecting me., my family and my country.. You’ll never be forgotten.. If you need a place for friendship, love, romance, marriage and even more, we are honored to provide you with a choice__uniformedkiss.c o m_.

  • Manny G

    How could anyone ever compare Tamar to Kim Kardashian thats the lowest of the lowest……Tamar is talented and comes from a awesome family gotta give props to Mrs. Evelyn…Kim is just a tired ass drag queen…she needs to go back to where she came from…..Doesnt she own a majic carpet store in Calabasas…..lol

  • kay

    let me just say this:
    1. tamar needs to tone down that attitude, i love her shes nice and loves her fam but the attitude needs to be put in check, its like her fam are too scared to check her on it and when they do tamar feels ways and they have to apologize.
    2. i think her marriage was a compromise i think she and vince were good friends but when he proposed i believe she was saying to herself “we’re good friends, i have love for him, he can take care of me, so why not”

  • Married with Experienceâ„¢

    OK…if you’re not married, y’all can’t talk. I know that you can give your opinion, but unless you’re walking with paper, you’re wasting air. Now, having exhaled let me tell you something about being married. They all start off on satin sheets with all the slipping and sliding that you want, but after a while, the relationship moves to a whole new level and if you are about business that is where it will go. Not to say that there will be no passion, but it won’t be on display for y’all cause by then it is running a whole lot deeper than you will ever see. So having received this lesson in married with experience let Tamar love Vince the way Tamar and Vince love. In terms of her personality – you and I both know that we’ve seen worst. At least, they speak, hug, makeup and make money which is a whole lot more than I can say for some of these commentators out here! Oooh, now let me go love my thang and it won’t be with a juicy kiss for all y’all to see although that will take place too, when the feeling hits me, in the meantime, it is about making the mean green. love ya!

  • D.S.

    Wow, really? My mind is blowed…lol I stop by to read the interview???This is what I get from viewers, I am an Author who is working on my novel Naive(www.wix.com/authordivaasouth/blackkissesent). Come on ppl this is reality TV, to say that the Braxton’s have no class, not attrative( to to surgeries and attitudes) are going over board. If someone followed you and your family around it would look like a big mess too? When I am all nautral without make up then put on make up I transform as well. I have successful friends and I’m not jealous. I have what’s for ME to make Me happy…I’m sure each sister has qualities that make them who they are not wanting to be the OTHER sister. As far as Tamar and Vince, if he is anything like my guy I know why Tamar loves him…I have a big and tall man, he is my armor and I love it. I can relate I’m very much over the top, spoiled, and hard working for my nice things that I want in life…so what no need to be sorry for it. Tamar I feel you, you are a SINGER as well as your sisters!!! Congrats to the Bratons they are BACK!

  • K.A.

    Tamar Rocks!!! I love her confidence and brutal honesty. I love her relationship with her husband. Toni introduced them and I don’t think she would introduce such a wonderful guy to a Gold Digger. It’s sad that people feel like thick guys don’t deserve hot women too. I love Tamar and wishes her the best. I can’t wait for her spin- off show. Without Tamar BFV wouldn’t be as successful as it is. Happy New Year Tamar, looking forward to big things from you and your hubby.

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  • MUA

    Hello Everyone,

    I love the show and all the sisters. So I am not hating when I say that blush should be applied to your cheek bone NOT a big circle of pink around your cheek. Honestly, this is just fab advice from a MUA. Again, Love the show 🙂


    Tamar is a person who loves who she is! Everyone should embrace themselves not matter what others say or don’t say. I believe in Tamar and Vincent’s marriage and unity that they show on Braxton family values and can’t wait to see more of them on their own reality show. I hope that everyone does take life for granted and stop judging people whether they are reality tv stars or just your neighbor. Go Tamar and do you with your circle blush. #lifetooshort

  • Keala

    I love the Braxtons, they may all not be perfect, but what family is.

    God Bless.





    • jen

      Tamar stop responding to your web site using all caps……….You replied to another one of your sites using all caps and you’re doing it once more…..we are not interested in you commenting on you,we’d like to hear what the public thinks of you!

  • Angel

    I enjoy watching the show.I think they all have something good to offer our community.The show appear to be more real than other reality shows. As for Tamara, I saw you on some Awards show. Your performance was hot. You did everything right but your team really need to develop a new sound for you. You sound too much like Toni. Even if you disagree about your sound, what you are doing is nothing different then what everyone else is doing. Where is the BOOM?!Once you develop a new sound like no other, I truly believe you will shine bright. When Toni came out, she had that deep voice thang going for her. Her voice was very distinct. I am not comparing you two at all but you need to find a sound. What you are doing ain’t it! I wish you well.

    The Wannabe sister, I’m sorry, I forget your name but your sister is right about relocating your beauty store. Location is key to success of every business.I think you should let your sister who recently received her business degree to help you. Start off by doing a S.W.O.T analysis (your sister knows what I mean). This will help you to see how to process with your company. You should also do a Balance scorecard this will allow you to focus more on short term goals for your business.Be sure to include measurements while you are implementing the scoreboards. By the end of the year if set right, you will have met goals strategies set forth by you.

  • Tonya

    All of this EVIL you guys wish for Tamar and the Braxtons I hope happens to you and your family.

  • AJ

    Tamar is a bitch and it is time for her sisters to put her in her place. If it weren’t for Toni, none of us would even know who she is… She tries to still the shine from everyone else. Sad but true…

    • Jasmine

      yo!!! u aint gotta say some crap like that to her…im her beggest fan n i think she is better n funny just the way it is….she would’ve became famouse from another way its nothin to do with her sisters or Toni….so shut up n mind ur own bizzzz.!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Candy Cane

    I love the Braxton’s show. I am new to watching the show as of Jan. 2012 on Netflix or something my son had on his TV. I read some of the comments regarding Tamar, and I can see how one could get irritated with Tamar. But coming from a large family myself, your perspective can be different. And Tamar doesn’t need anyone to stand up for her, but all of their individual personality is what makes up a family’s. And every family needs help and work, but it a family. That’s something we don’t see much, especially in black family. I hope Tamar loves her husband, marriage is a beautiful union. So folks.. find way to encourage than to put down. Now those husbands of Towanda and Trina… need a good olde switch. For real.

    • Stephan

      Exactly but at least Towanda’s husband is trying. Trina’s husband annoys me. I gave him a chance but she can do better.

  • Anne Hamilton

    Love the show Ms. Evelyn done a wonderful job in raising such a beautiful, talented and loving family. God Bless them all!!!

    • Stephan


    • Honey

      I agree

  • Lauren

    Wow for people to say that Tamar is goldigger and Kin K isn’t and that Kim K made her own money,yea sure she did…how? you ask did she get famous from a… SEX TAPE! that she released and then tried to play victim that she didn’t want for it to be released but Tamar on the other has been signing since she was a teenager and getting paid for it and has had some great songs.If I was Tamar i would be pissed!! for my career to be compared to Kim K it’s just disturbing.

  • Evette

    The show is interesting but Tamar is over the top and I have seen here on other shows she was on Tiny and Toya on an episode and the attitude is the same its just here. Toni is the star of the family and if it wasn’t for Toni we would be like who are they on the serious tip we wouldn’t know who they were or even care because the sisters where back up singers. I have heard Tamar sing and she is OK she does that to hard also and after hearing her on the Soul Train awards unless they come up with a single that’s hot I want be buying it….there are to many singers out here who can actually sing. She is a woman but so many people are riding the jock of people who if you meet them in person I guarantee she probably would not even shake your hand. Then we see how many people think she is all of that. This is just a fact not hating but these people could care less and are making money off of the fact people are actually buying into the bs.

    As far as us lighting our skin that’s an insult …white folks tan so they can look like Brazilians and Mexican American brown skin tone they don’t want to be black. Just amazing how we as people fall for the bs of reality show people when there are too many other things people should be focusing on in the world. Just sick how we put stock into people like this.

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  • Stephan

    This interview shows the side of Tamar I prefer. That other side of hers took me some gettting used to but now I find her totally funny and cute. It’s like you can either like her or not. No in between. My favorites are Toni, Trina, & Tamar.

  • janay


  • janay


  • sohood

    Tamar is the dumbest woman I have ever seen in my life. Her only claim to fame is being a sister and wife of famous people. She takes ghetto to a new level. She needs to be slapped every time she rolls her neck and pouts her lip. This clown doesn’t need any more airtime. She is a bad influence on young black women. If she wants a reality show I would like to see her go undercover in the hood to see if she survives. Maybe she can meet a pimp that will ask her how his back hand taste. BOOM!

  • justsayin.com

    Love me some Toni! Tamar needs to tone it down a bit. Green is not your color girlfriend n it’s obvious that you are not in love with Vince. She uses words like appreciate never once Said she loves him.

  • Honey

    I personally feel like everybody that is speaking on Tamar’s intimate relationship with her husband is disrespectful. Every relationship is not the same. Love is not always displayed the same. For the most part it is kind of an insult to Vince saying that she is with him for money. Reason being is because the only implication of this is her looks and personality. Which basically means he can’t have a nice looking woman unless they are with him for a reason..Now that is hurtful. If everyone would just watch tv for entertainment and mind their own damn business and tend to their own fucked up lives the world would be a much better place. With that said…..haters should get a life and probably get a man or get a regular penis to ride and stay off of those of the stars. 🙂

    • julie


  • Victoria

    I’ve never watched the show and based on what I’ve read about it, I doubt I ever will. The promos for the show were enough to turn me off.

  • julie

    Haters….I love the show..it makes me laugh

  • Kaysia

    I luv da braxtons but my fave iz tamar and I dont think she is a golddigger luv you da braxtons!!!

  • Ashlie

    Victoria ur a dum bitch u should watch da show and juliw who would want to hate on NOT ME

  • Goldie

    I like and appreciate them all. They are like a real family – all different but they love each other, that is the message. Toni is great and she put the D in diva. They have big personalities and that makes them entertaining. I happen to think Vince is good looking and fat, does that mean it is impossible for a person like Tamar to love him. It is a bonus that he is wealthy but not the first heavy man to have a beautiful wife.

  • clevie

    From reading these comments, it seems like Tamar IS the show. Most of the talk is about her, so I wonder how many of you would be watching the show if Tamar was just a boring quiet individual with a sweet small personality. I have to admit that at first I really didn’t like Tamar because I saw what most of you are talking about, but I later came to the conclusion that she is just a funny over-the-top personality who brings excitement to the group. I think she loves her family and that is more important than ANYTHING. I do, however, think that she could learn to express empathy and apologize to her sisters when it is brought to her attention that she is “behaving badly.” Do you all REALLY think that after all these years together, that they don’t all understand their sister and know that she really means well? I don’t think they would still be all friends if they didn’t understand that. I really admire that they can at least talk to each other about what their objections are with each other and STILL LOVE EACH OTHER UNCONDITIONALLY. I wish I had that gift in my family. My family has no problem in just shutting you out and not speaking to you for decades. I LOVE ALL THE BRAXTONS AND PRAY THAT THEY CONTINUE TO REACH OUT TO EACH OTHER IN SOLVING THEIR LITTLE DIFFERENCES – GREAT JOB. The biggest flaw that I can see is the fact that the mother can’t seem to let go of her resentment to her ex-husband. I do sympathize with her and understand her hurt, but she would bring a lot of joy to HERSELF and her family if she would try and get some help in letting go of that pain and TRULY forgiving her ex.,,, she has raised such loving daughters and I would love to see happiness in her eyes as well. That’s my two cents.
    Oh! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tamar’s husband and I hope she really loves him because I can really see why she would love him – BEAUTY IS MORE THAN SKIN DEEP (even though I think he is good looking, it seems that most of you can’t see past his weight; plus I never found much attraction for “pretty boys,” as I like a manly man.

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  • vwatson

    Tamar you are a beautiful young lady and has a beautiful family(you and your husband)… keep being who you are and make your place in this world your own. .. Toni is who she are and that’s all that is….. she aint’t no better than you, she just got a chance to sing and she became known… stand in the place that God gave Tamar and shine…..

  • clothes shop

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  • Mrs.McClendon

    Okay I just would love to say I can’t stand you Tamar and I really think u need help…….. Really…….. Now I don’t think u married Vince for the money nd can tell that u r in love bt u need to stay out of ur sister Trina life now some stuff she don’t want u to know nd if it was u would be acting a ass like always…. Oan ppl who doesn’t like the comment and really gets mad cause of u don’t know her, u are on here too making a comment about other ppl u also don’t know so really think about when u want to post or talk cause everybody gone talk u r not God u can’t make ppl shut up u just can’t so really u r like everybody else who is.posting so join us nd shut up… Oan I beat u read books on ppl u really like or someone u really this like please ppl u can’t make others stop or not post things on

  • go there

    Someone necessarily help to make critically articles I would state. That is the very first time I frequented your web page and thus far? I surprised with the analysis you made to create this actual post incredible. Great activity!

  • Ann Philip

    Toni is my all time favorite. when can we watch her shows?


  • cincjanis2

    I simply LOVE the Braxtons. They keep me laughing. Cant wait for the new ones.

  • Deeblackat1

    Tamar acts like a spoiled child and runs her mouth exactly the way her husband has stated, never listens and wants to be heard constantly, there is something to say about silence being golden, respect being returned, and gratitude in being moral, she seems to lack a shit load of it. Her beauty looks ugly given every time you watch the reality show, Tamar always wants to bring it back to her (selfishness) and distracts away the real emotions felt by her family including her mother, especially when she makes comments like I’m a grown woman and don’t care what you say, I’m going to do what I want to…Hey Tamar, Buy a Clue would ya!

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