Surprised? Arsenio Hall Show Ratings Dip

Are you surprised by the drop?

arsenio hallWith Arsenio Hall’s return to the talk show circuit came a week of great ratings. Since that week, ratings have dropped tremendously and now the executive producer of his show has stepped down.

According to reports by MadameNoire, Neal Kendall who has produced successful shows such as The Game of Thrones and Dexter, decided to remove himself.

Could it be that both Arsenio and Neal were clashing when it came to the direction of the show?

“A source indicated that Kendall’s exit was spurred in an effort to find a better creative fit for the comedian,” Variety says.

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  • Is Arsenio’s drop in ratings surprising? Heck no. If you play one his shows from 20 years ago and play one now, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Everything changes, except the Arsenio Hall show. If he would have targeted the same audience who has grown up and are raising families he would have found lasting support and better sustainable ratings.

    Does anyone else notice that Arsenio looks slightly uncomfortable when he’s doing his monologue? It’s like he fears that his show will be cancelled again……like it was after he had Minister Louis Farrakhan on the Arsenio Hall show years ago…..remember that? The show was cancelled on May 27, 1994 AFTER the Farrakhan interview.

  • mike d

    Wendy Williams knows what we want. Gossip! and when Celebrities do wrong she says it.

  • CommentsUnlimited

    I watched a 1994 Arsenio show and have been watching the 2013 shows. There is a definite difference. Arsenio seems much more confident in 1994…and today he is over excited, nervous seeming, unfunny and uncomfortable. It’s not his guests…it is Arsenio. And…I like Arsenio and was hoping the best from him. Those skits, “Uncle Thurmond, Say What….something for the ladies” are awful….not funny in any way. Also…what is that “Unzipped Fridays” where he encourages men to unzip their pants???!!! What is that about. He is just trying too hard. He is not a good interviewer…not a good comedian…just not entertaining. His over the top grin and bug eyed movements…just make him look ridiculous. Arsenio…please revamp….hold a focus group….do something to make necessary adjustments. Please.