Spike Lee’s Film Accused of Fostering Homophobia

LGBT activist criticizes filmmaker's "School Daze" on Twitter.

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spike leeSpike Lee is no stranger to controversy, but when called out for fostering homophobia in his film, “School Daze,” the famed filmmaker decided not to take it lying down.

On Twitter, a LGBT Activist and feminist known as Anti-Intellect tweeted that the 1988 film loosely based on the historically black Morehouse College was not cinematically balanced in how it depicted homosexuality on the campus. Lee, who graduated from Morehouse in 1979, responded to the criticism tweeting, “The frats were homophobic. I was there. Were you?”

Anti-Intellect tweeted back, “I’m not saying that homophobia did not take place at Morehouse, or in your frat. But where is the counter-view? Balance? Lee proceeded to tell the writer that his criticism was “off.”

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  • I am not a woman. I am a Black gay man. Please correct this in your post.

  • handmaid99

    Just wondering how the author of this piece knows that Anti Intellect is female? It says that Anti Intellect is a LBGT activist and feminist. There is nothing there to identify the gender of the tweeter. I would suggest being careful with such reference.

    • A lot of people assume that I am a woman because I identify as a feminist. Apparently, they haven’t heard that feminism is for everybody.

  • Praise to anti-intellect for challenging this. The media constantly bombards minorities with negative messages we’re supposed to absorb and accept. Hopefully more critical and aware viewing will help stem the tide.

  • reginald mcdonald

    I’m homophobic just like some people are stilll racist.I m still not over the fact that gay rights has been compared equal with civil rights. Am I wrong?