Single-Minded: On Living the Jet-Set Life

How you can set a path to international voyages-- affordably

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Living the jet-set life doesn't have to break your pockets

(The Root) I live on a plane. I live in the world. I don’t identify with a home, per se. I’m most comfortable when I’m in a foreign land. And I live well with the best of everything. The best of food, the best hotels, the best people and the best experiences.

This is a question I know you get a lot: How’d you get started? I was always a jet-setter. But my background is in business and public policy. In 2009, I was working in development at a large nonprofit in Washington when an opportunity to cover the annual Cape Town International Jazz Festival presented itself. A friend of mine is an editor at a national women’s magazine, and she couldn’t make it to this fabulous trip to South Africa, and suggested I go in her place. So like any true jet-setter, I quit my job and went.


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  • Mauricio

    Laure Dunphy – Wow, these shots are aewosme. I love all the color and this beautiful/handsome couple just love the camera yet they remain candid & natural in all these shots. With these two subjects for their upcoming wedding, you’re sure to have an amazing wedding album.I can’t wait to see the album and am so happy and excited for both of them!!!!The photographer is a keeper, way to go Miss M!!!!!!!