‘Reverend Run Renovations’ Show Premieres on DIY Network

Rev. Run back in reality tv with renovation show

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reverend run

From Uptown Magazine

Reverend Run’s Reality Renovation. Try saying that 10 times fast.

Jan 6th brought with it the premiere of the DIY network show entitled ‘Rev Run Renovations.’ Airing at 10 p.m on Monday’s, the show will follow the Simmons house renovation. The last reality show, Run’s House, that the Simmons household was a part of was a huge success.

Justine Simmons and Rev argue about budget details, and kids Diggy, Russy, and Miley provide varying input on the design of their rooms. From fairy tale castle, to zen-like, to contemporary room themes, the show catches every moment of the family’s new home makeover.”

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  • Reality Rehabs

    Rev Run’s Renovation needs to go away. His personality is a turn off for viewers and who cares what he does to his house. He wastes money on bs. If he has all that extra cash try working with the less fortunate and teach his kids about giving, not always wanting more. His show is a lesson on what not to do.

    • Judy

      Boy I sure do agree with the person who wrote just above me. It makes me sick that he lives In that huge house and so many people have nothing at all.I can’t belive DIY OR HGTV would even show his program. He really needs to o away and help other people who have no house at all.

  • Calesa

    Rev Run why would you throw away and destroy all of that perfectly good stuff that is coming out your house. Why not donate it or go back where you came from and give it to someone in your old neighborhood who could use it. Rich people make me sick throwing money away. When people like me have to work 7 days a week to be able to have a big TV, and fish tank. SAD!!!!