Remebering Whitney: 12 of Our Favorite Moments

A glimpse at some our favorite Whitney moments

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Today marks three years since the world class singer and icon Whitney Houston died. During her time here, Whitney gave us countless records, movies and a smile worthy of its own award that will live on forever. It’s simply impossible to name every single Whitney moment, but we did gather a few of our favorites. As you celebrate the life and legacy of The Greatest Voice Of All Time, hold these memories in your hearts and share some of your own below.

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  • Trigger_Nash

    And the number one favorite Whitney moment of all time is her Feb 11th 2012 bath!

  • Trigger_Nash

    She also redefined the whole crack whore look.

  • jimmyjackjohnson

    I can’t make up my mind about my favorite Whitney moment. I was leaning twords when she became a crack head, but the thought of that sow dead in a bath tub just warms my heart.

    • Trigger_Nash

      Let’s see the score.
      #1. Crack head
      #2. Africoon Rockfish

      Yep, just a typical ngger!

  • jimmyjackjohnson

    Oh, and knowing that her crack head husband beat her is nice too.

  • Dana

    Wow It’s hard to remember the best one as there were so many. I saw her in Cabo a number of years ago with Bobby, and he was trying to teach her to swim. Obviously the lesson was in vain.

    • Jamal Jenkums

      Everybody knows that coons can’t swim!

  • JennaTelya

    My favorite moment was her taking a long bath.

  • Edward Coli

    The best moment was when I heard they found so many different drugs in her bloodstream at autopsy. It really illustrated that you could take a black addict like Whitney out of East Orange, NJ, but you can never take the East Orange, NJ out of Whitney.

    • Dana

      Whitney’s lifestyle was not hard to condemn
      Her once beautiful voice was choked with phlem
      Like Elvis and Jacko, already gone
      She died pifully alone in the john
      Ignoring the pleas of “Houston, we have a problem”

  • Mgumba Jayvyn

    The fondest memories I have of sow Whitney was when she was arrested in Kentucky on making terrorist threats, assault, and two misdemeanors in a hotel fight and thrown in the slammer way back in 1991….very consistent with her ghetto roots.

  • Dana

    Perhaps success caused her to disregard
    all the dangers of a life lived so hard.
    But marrying Bobby Brown
    would bring anybody down.
    Guess Whitney could have used a bodyguard.

    • Jamal Jenkums

      Or rehab and a stand up shower for her funky azz!

  • Jamal Jenkums

    When she stole that song from Doll Parton and ruined it with her jungle warbling? Her and Bobbie should have used their crack pipes like a snorkel!

  • Dana

    Her voice was like an angel’s breath.
    She did every drug except crystal meth.
    We’ve long hoped to say
    (but not quite this way)
    “Whitney beats Bobby Brown to death.”

  • Darius Jamil Greene

    My favorite memory of Whitney was when Burt Bacharach cancelled her performance and fired her butt because her voice was shaky and she was agitated. I guess being high on crack made her “silky voice” CRACK!

  • Marius Quentical

    The tragic thing about Whitney Houston’s premature death was that
    she croaked $4 million in debt and can’t pass that debt onto its sprog
    who is essentially brain dead now.. So who pays for all of the bills and
    mortgages and court costs and lawyers and life support and care for her
    sprog in some Niglanta hospital? I suspect you and me in the form of
    taxes and increased healthcare costs.I wonder if her sprog has Osambocare?

  • CourtneyrrR

    I liked her big bootay and her coochie. But then I found out she was bleaching her bunghole. That was the last straw for me. Anyone need a date?

  • dirtybastard65

    My favorite Whitney Houston moment was when I read that the boon became a bath tub rockfish. Too bad her drowning moments weren’t captured for all of us to watch and enjoy. Would have been 10 times better than the music videos and movies the boon was in. That performance I would have paid to watch.

  • Big Chief Slapaho

    I guess my favorite Whitney moment is this one right now. I ain’t even thought ’bout that sow in a minute. Then this article reminded me that the nasty ho is still dead. Made me smile.

  • Dandre Huffman

    How about what’s going on right now? The fambly has sent out a press release that they are available for interviews with the press. But only for a price. They ain’t givin’ out no info for free! They want to extract every last penny out of this while they can.