Pras of The Fugees, Files $30 Million Lawsuit Against the NY Post

Sues the tabloid newspaper for saying he skipped a charity event he had nothing to do with

Pras sues the NY Post

(Image: Facebook)

According to The NY Daily News, Pras Michel of The Fugees has sued the NY Post for $30 million over the newspaper’s reporting that he was a no-show at a benefit for “his” Hope for Them organization in Hell’s Kitchen. Michel states that he had nothing to do with the event and is not affiliated with the organization. The event was slated to raise funds for victims of 9/11.

Earlier this week, the Post reported that the promoter of the benefit, Mike Jean, told them Pras didn’t perform at the 9/11 event because he had the flu. Pras states that he wasn’t sick and had, in fact, just returned from a trip to North Korea.

The rapper also states that he has to see a therapist because people are asking him why he bailed on the charity event. “I’m going to see a therapist about this,” he said. “I’m traumatized. And I’ve never seen a therapist in my life.”

Last week, the Post reportedly settled a defamation suit for an undisclosed sum after implicating two innocent Massachusetts residents in the Boston Marathon bombings of 2013.