Packers Sell Out Wild Card Game, Avoid Blackout

Feel free to put the NFC Wild Card game back on your schedule

Colin Kaepernick will seek to dismantle the Packers in a game that, it turns out, will be broadcast nationally after all.

Deadlines work.

Fans and Packers team corporate partners purchased the remaining tickets for Sunday’s game against San Francisco. The league imposed a Friday deadline — if tickets for the game at Lambeau Field did not sell out, the game would have been blacked out.

The game is expected to be one of the coldest in NFL history, with temperatures said to be as low as -10 degrees for game time.

“A unique season and other factors contributed to having tickets available, but with the support of our fans and partners, we’re looking forward to a great atmosphere Sunday at Lambeau Field for the playoff game against the 49ers,” Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy said in a statement Friday. “We also know fans around the state will be able to enjoy the telecast.”

There is a football god(s). All the Kaepernick-Rodgers in freezing temps that you can handle.