OWN’s Dark Girls Documentary Gets Strong Reactions

What is your take on colorism?

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dark girls docFrom Uptown Magazine

I absolutely HATE having conversations about colorism and dating because too many people are too stupid to realize that there’s no such thing as a “right” preference.

Last night, many of us tuned in to OWN to watch Bill Duke‘s Dark Girls documentary, which examined colorism and the many ways it affects the lives of darker skinned black folks in the diaspora, especially women. I found the film to be riveting, especially during the parts in which young girls discussed how they identified with their skin color. In one heartbreaking scene, a young girl stated that white equals smart, and dark black skin equals dumb. As excellently written as Dark Girls was, there was ONE troubling segment that really pissed me off.

Men On Women:

In this segment, young men were presented a choice on what type of women they would rather date  – light skin or dark skin – and their answers, were in conjunction with the women’s tales. Some dudes said they thought light skin women were “better,” dark girls didn’t look clean, and other infuriating bullshit. And midway into watching these fools embarrassing themselves in front of the camera, I realized why I hated this particular segment so much: Those men were not only being used as wholesale representatives of the black male ideology on dark skin women, but because they were also being used to blur the lines between PREJUDICE and PREFERENCE.

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    I am a light skinned woman with a dark skinned husband. I may be wrong, but I think some black men find comfort in running from themselves. See if a dark skinned man date a dark skinned woman he has to really love himself and all that he stands for. The problem is black men hate themselves so they hate the very vessel that bore them into the world. The same dark skin and nappy hair we may have is what they see in the mirror. Dating white girls has given them a door to escape reality. I pity our men, because they are our back bones and if they don’t have one we are lost people. Even after the degradation of the black man in our history black women still cling to them and stand behind them strong and is crucified for the effort. We should all get along as a people and date who we want to date, but before we can love anyone of another race we must learn to love ourselves and the way God made us different from everyone else. We are a chosen people and we must stop suffering from lack of knowledge. WAKE UP MY PEOPLE WAKE UP…Black man (ADAM) where art thou?

    • CherryWine

      Well spoken!


        Thank U…This is a really strong subject and I feel strongly about it…I guess I can ignore it but some of our men must wake up and soon…

  • CherryWine

    I am a dark brown skin young woman and I’ve always tried really hard to understand why black men (especially in this generation) dont find one iota of beauty in the darker black woman. Especially for the ones that are as dark brown as me or darker. I’ve noticed a black man go straight for the lighter skin sister or the non-black chick and totally ignore black women whose skin matches theirs. As a black woman who actually wants to date other black men I still find it necessary to keep my options open by being color blind because of the shortage of black men we’ve lost to their “preferences”. Light skin or dark skin I wish there more available black men. You hardly see light skinned black men such as Michael Ealy or Dwayne “the rock” Johnson openly date dark skinned black women like Grabriel Union or Kimberly Elise if they even date dark women at all.It totally boggles my mind because its like our black men are saying that its ok for a man to be dark skin but to be a dark skin black woman is totally unacceptable and unattractive. For example, Lil Wayne before he got rich and famous his ride or die girl and mother of his first daughter is dark brown, yet he brags in his songs that he only likes “redbones”. Kanye West plays the race card everytime he thinks he is being victimized when he doesnt get what he thinks he deserves as if he has so much black pride but talked openly about mainly dating black women of mixed race or the Kim Kardashian types. I just hope a time will come when black men who date within or outside their race will do it purely out of true love, so that way we black women no matter what shade can feel confidence that we are not overlooked by our men because of our skin tone. Personally I can accept if any man doesnt want to date me if he is simple just not that into me. What I find hard to accept is if my skin color is a factor in his decision to not want to date me.

  • Brent

    Its surprising to me. I am a white man who prefers darker skinned women.

  • Fred C DAvis

    This is ridiculous. The experiences of some are not the standard for all. Black men (some might) do not date women of other skin colors because they hate themselves. It is called preference. With the mix of ethnic groups the ease connecting with them there are more options. If you are attracted to light skin, brown skin, black skin, albinos, who cares. God bless you. As long as the person you are physically attracted to is a good match according to your values and personality their skin color does not matter. The problem is not skin color it is usually the person within the skin that is the problem. Some people choose foolishly and associate their bad choices with all black people or all light skinned people or all dark skinned people. If someone wants to keep their race pure, which is already impossible, fine. If someone could care less about racial pride and simply wants a good wife or good husband, great. God cursed some people because Moses married a black woman. Some men and women are cursed with loneliness and bitterness because they foolishly think their skin color is something to be proud of. It is wrong to get upset because a black woman dates an asian man or a black man dates a swedish woman. Let it go and enjoy life.