Not Enough Black Models?: Taking Kanye West to Task after Fashion Line Debut

Writer says hip-hop star talks the racial equality talk but doesn't walk the walk

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Hip-hop star Kanye West recently debuted his Spring 2012 women’s ready-to-wear collection for DW by Kanye West in Paris to critique and praise alike. Some thought the line “lacked focus” while others praised him for having a front-row filled with top power brokers in the fashion industry.

Several critics raised an eyebrow about the scarcity of black models in a show helmed by a man who’s infamously known for his very public views on racial discrimination (Remember the “Bush doesn’t care about black people” post-Katrina outburst) and other references to inequality throughout his music lyrics.

Check out what the folks at Madame Noire had to say about the issue, taking to task the “Watch the Throne” lyricist on message versus reality and the use of celebrity power to support black representation in the fashion industry.

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