New York’s WestView Newspaper Calls Obama the N-Word

Was this race baiting at its finest?

President Barack Obama (Image: File)

A small paper that touts itself as “The Voice of the West Village,” ran an op-ed column that is sure to ruffle some feathers around the country.

The WestView News, a community newspaper in New York, published a piece in its July edition titled “The N—-r in the White House.” Penned by James Lincoln Collier, the article is surprisingly pro-Obama, according to reports, given its alarming title and goes on to criticize racism by far-right voters.

Although the paper did not put the actual article in full on its Website, a copy of it was posted online by the New York Post. Alongside that, the Post included a screen grab of another story by WestView News columnist Alvin Hall, who criticized the article in a rebuttal titled “This Headline Offends Me.”

Hall wrote passionately about the piece, saying, “I don’t see how its use benefits anyone, but I do feel all too clearly how it deeply offends me.”

The Internets’ response to the story was just as negative as users wondered aloud just how the paper and its columnists refer to other members of the human race.

How does this make you react? Is it right to use the word to elicit a response? Speak on it in the comments section below.

SOURCE: New York Post

  • T7

    Abraham Lincoln and his wife were crossing the land so vast that
    in any direction one could only
    see where the sky touched the horizon. Their horse drawn carriage passed a white man herding six n.. male children all crying
    as the heat from the sun pelted their dehydrated bodies and the whip forced their little
    steps another mile. Just
    bought from the slave markets. Those were the days.

    Billie Holiday sang “Strange Fruit” of n..s hanging from
    trees. Such events happen when
    a bored white man decided on an impromptu picnic or pick a n.. for

    Those were the days.

    families covering generations
    from toddlers to those near the grave have watched as each limb of the biggest n.. (no need to mention brother,
    father, grandpa, cousin, etc –
    why personalize him – ‘n’ generates more hatred) in the plantation, gets tied to each of four horses then pulled apart. Those
    were the days.

    then, America has
    grown up. Although a part of us still wants to hate, the Lincoln in us sees the human despite the derogatory name. And
    like Lincoln, more of our actions
    contribute toward a better America, otherwise, hostility would have already destroyed America. That’s the job of the

    ‘N’ is
    meant to disregard the man
    and summon the hatred of the past: A U-turn back to a past for stirring up old wounds and where some of us
    dreamily relive the old days. But, clearly, The larger part of America has grown beyond
    those deep hostilities that
    would return us to barbarism. We ARE Americans. We will not self

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