Meshell Ndegeocello Shares Her Thoughts on Nina Simone and Zoe Saldana

Singer calls for the critiques to end before the product is shown

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Meshell Ndegeocello sat down with BET’s Clay Cane to discuss her critically acclaimed new Nina Simone biopic.

During the interview, Cane asked the singer and bassist what she thought about Zoe Saldana playing Simone.

“Give an artist a chance before you critique it,” said  Ndegeocello in diplomatic fashion.

Ndegeocello also chimed in on her thoughts on Frank Ocean (she loves his music) and some of the black community’s negative reaction to President Obama’s support of gay marriage.

Check out  BET to find out what she song she says is her theme song.

  • Angel

    With all due respect Ms Meshell, I do not think the issue is Zoe’s acting abilities. Zoe is well loved and embraced by the people. However, we live in the United States of America, where there is no shortage of Black actors, actors of color with darker pigment, and musicians for that matter, known or unknown that could have played Nina Simone. This is not a private high school/charter school play or video production class were she is the only person of color in her school. It is no different then you as a Black bisexual woman musician with non traditional appearance going up for a gig you know you are more than qualified for but is overlooked or perhaps not even thought of because of your skin tone, gender and/or sexual orientation. You managed to break barriers and give little girls not only hope to be a musician (in a boys world) but an image, a reflection of who they see in the mirror daily. Your “authenticity,” your image that is not altered believe it or not is crucial to the average Black girl living in this world (regardless of their class). By Zoe playing the role of Nina is tampering with history. With a woman like Nina Simon with such rich history, it is important that representation and appreciation of an authentic story and image is presented then an interpretation. When interpretation happens, alternations is near which is in jeopardy of becoming a myth, a tale.

  • Matthew

    Uh. Link to “check out BET” to find out her theme song is not related to the interview. Where is the interview?