Marqise Lee to Receive Insurance Payout Due to Low Draft Position

Loss of Value policy will pay off for the rookie

Jacksnville Jaguar draftee, Marqise Lee, may collect on insurance policy

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According to Bleacher Report, former University of Southern California football player Marqise Lee will receive an insurance payout because an injury he suffered during his college years possibly dropped his draft position.

Lee suffered from a moderate (Grade II) MCL sprain during the 2013 season and although he was able to play again, the injury’s effect played a part in NFL teams not drafting him higher. Luckily for Lee, the school encouraged him (and other players) to take out a Loss of Value insurance with Lloyd’s of London.

Being drafted in the second round instead of the first, Lee could collect as much as $5 million on the policy he bought. He was selected in the second round by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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