Magic Johnson is Proud of Gay Son, Earvin III

Earvin Johnson III, out and about in California, spotted out with his boyfriend

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earvin johnson iii magics gay sonFor Earvin Johnson III, being the son of one of the most popular NBA players ever, you would think that he would follow in the footsteps of his father, Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson. That isn’t in the cards, but, he is not shying away from who he is and it makes his father proud nonetheless.

Earvin is a gay man and was spotted with his boyfriend on Sunset Strip by TMZ. Both parents are proud of their son and have a close relationship with him.

The Lakers legend tells TMZ, “Cookie and I love EJ and support him in every way.” Magic goes on, “We’re very proud of him.”

Read more at TMZ

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  • SeriousResponse

    Proud? I hope of his accomplishments as I can see this. Hopefully not of being gay because their is no pride in that. It’s good to love him and show him support but not support the lifestyle.

    • Who are you to judge his happiness? I am happy he is happy. I imagine his parents feel the same way and are proud that he can be himself and be happy without worrying about judgmental people such as yourself.

      • truthtalker

        Shut up that is what every gay parent say when they feel guilty for failing to their duties as a parent, his dad was never home and mom was maybe into herself or shopping, so lil’ EJ started experimenting with drag and wearing mom’s furs and liking it now he is a full blown bitch, that guilt talk right there don’t let it fool you, had he been around to raise that boy to be a real man, he would not turn out to be a queen. y’all need to stop with making being Gay a natural thing, it is still perversion, like it or not, I am talking the truth, it was wrong a 100 years ago, it is still wrong today, grow some fucking personality and admit it, stop following the masses. Why would a man behave like and be treated by another like a female. y’all need to stop being ok with that nonesense period.

        • I’m bisexual and both of my parents have been there. So that makes your arguement null and void. Goodbye!!!

        • I’m bisexual and both of my parents have been there. So that makes your arguement null and void. Goodbye!!!

        • I’m bisexual and both of my parents have been there. So that makes your arguement null and void. Goodbye!!!

        • ugh

          you’re an idiot….I don’t even know where to being with your vast sweeping generalizations and inability to spell or write above third grade level. Show me the part of the Bible you love where it says you should hate others…and we’ll have a start. You know what Jesus said about the beam in your own eye…(or maybe you don’t)

    • Rena


    • Lululemooo

      There is pride in knowing English grammar…and I often find homphobes like yourself cannot share in that joy.

  • Just because you support him, does not make it right! This gay agenda is a like infectious disease! Black Men who love Black Women…stand up!

    • the gay agenda always cracks me up…righhht the agenda of having the same civil rights as everyone else?…oh the horror!…the so called gay agenda does absolutely nothing to you as a human being but in YOUR mind it does…thats fine but the just like i tell skin heads believe what you wish but keep your hands and your “beliefs” off of me and i’ll do in kind…

      • kasey hastoomuchnuttinhermouth

        man fuck these morfadikes with all that booty on your breaths its no wonder why u talking all this shit

  • Yup yup

    Like father, like son. How do you think Magic got AIDS? He was experimenting with some guys and exploring his bicurious side. His wife stayed to raise kids and enjoy the money.

    • #truth

      These are the kinds of dangerous comments that infect the black pysche. Educate yourself on the rates of HIV/AIDS in the black community, the origins and who are most at risk. The black community need to educate themselves, stop admonishing are sisters and brothers, mainly our brothers who are non-heterosexuals and maybe we will make some progress. Unless you have some hard proof in regards to your statement you should be wiser with your words.

    • the same way MOST blacks and browns get it…promiscuity that is on front street everywhere you turn. Its funny how black men and women more so than anyone think its a gay or white mans disease yet the highest rates of infection of hiv aids and all the other wonderful diseases yall spread are among ignorant ass blacks and browns. and miss me with the “we were purposefully infected” crap bc even if that is true yall are still too stupid to protect yourselves and wonder why the single parent and disease rates are the few things you excel at…smdh

      • kasey hastoomuchnuttinhermouth

        f U dumb white bit ch your dumb as $ do know more Indies died from white people filthiness and diseases then anything else(look it up fag) even more then there thanks for helping are dumb as bullets & everybody already know any place black pleople or brown people are living at if there are some nasty as diseases going around some nasty as white people cant be to far away so I dont have to say it you already said it yourself stupid as & dont compair being black or brown to you with the next man nut on your draws fag

    • truthtalker

      I think that too, though he never admitted to being on the downlow but we all knew many basketball players had sexy male sidepiece on the side while having a trophee wife at home. He is only saying proud because his son had the courage to do what he could never do till he caught HIV from a dude, karma is really a bitch, now look whose ass it is biting!!loool

  • Truthtalker

    Now you all can tell that EJ kid is the bitch in the relationship, wearing fur, mommy jewlery and shit, that’s a little sylvester right there. ain’t no turning back for that child the kid is gay to the core, guess he is not cut ouf of daddy’s cloth but still playing balls just different type of balls!!! loool

  • Matt Haywood

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