Kevin Hart Awards Education Secretary With Celebrity Game MVP

Duncan scored 20 points

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kevin hart and arne duncan

Kevin Hart gave the MVP award to Education Secretary Arne Duncan -- but not before promoting his latest film, 'About Last Night.'

When it’s your moment, it’s your moment.

Funnyman Kevin Hart was voted by fans to be the MVP of All-Star Weekend’s Celebrity Game, despite scoring only seven points to go along with four assists for the West in its 60-56 loss Friday night. It marked the third time in a row that Hart won the award — but he wouldn’t accept.

Instead, Hart insisted it go to Arne Duncan, President Obama’s education secretary. Duncan, who is 6-5 and played hoops at Harvard, dropped 20 points, and grabbed 11 rebounds and six assists for the East.

Hart said he had to be “a humble loser.”

Check out the video below.