Jordan Brand Plans to Announce $25K High School Winner, Friday, June 13

The A's for J's program rewards high achievers in Math, Science and English.

AsforJs pilot program, Nike Brand JordanThe Jordan Brand and Villa Retailers will announce the recipient of a $25,000 grant to a high school this Friday, June 13 in Philadelphia.

The announcement will be made as part of their groundbreaking A’s for J’s program. The participating schools are: West Philadelphia High School; Imhotep Institute Charter High School; and Kensington High School for Creative and Performing Arts. The pilot program which kicked off in January, will reward high achievers in Math, Science, and English. Students received $25 VILLA credits toward Jordan Brand products for each “A’ they received this past school year.

In a climate where cuts to school funding are on the rise and grades are on the decline – A’s for J’s is a practical, solution-oriented response to a growing epidemic. Accompanying the announcement are plans to expand A’s for J’s into cities around the country with the next scheduled city to be Chicago.

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