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  • brooklyn

    Its not him that goes out and find the deals or new partnerships its Steve Stoute behind him and 50 cent without him more then half of their deals would not exist period

    • BeMore

      Your point?

    • Detroit Rich

      Stop being a hater brooklyn

      • Detroit Rich

        It always some one there behind you tryn do things by yoourself leads to nothing tofall back on give him his do He showing rappers how it is pose to be done

    • Who is Steve Stoute? 

      • Alfred Edmond Jr.

        Steve Stoute is a highly successful record industry executive and the founder of Translation, a company that matches pop-star spokespersons with corporations that want to promote their brands. As head of Translation, Stoute was listed among the Top Execs in Advertising and Marketing by Black Enterprise.

        He has worked to pair Gwen Stefani with Hewlett-Packard, Justin Timberlake with McDonald’s, Beyoncé Knowles with Nayshawn Kirby, and Jay-Z with Reebok. In 2005, Stoute became the Managing Director and CEO of Carol’s Daughter, a complete line of hair and body care products.

  • Truth

    Out of ALL the african americans doing big things (and did not “success” or wealth) by selling drugs, degrading women (BLACK WOMEN), shady business practices, clothing that thugged out our youth and ADULT black men (this man is 40 and weaing his pants on his knees with his UNDERWEAR showing), a man that EVERY time he opens his mouth is is about WHAT HE HAS, with a “I got mine” mentality. I AM INSULTED THAT YOU WOULD PICK THIS COON! BLACK PEOPLE we have GOT to do BETTER!!! You really ought to be ashamed, no really!!!

    • The Truth

      ^^ is the most ignorant comment i seen all day!! All you worry about is BLACK this and that, just look at him as a person and how he have grown. Over years do you seen or heard him degrading woman, and pants on his knees, ?? how old are you 50?? if you seen him more recently u would have seen that he wear more suits now in days than he wear dress clothes. What does the way he dress have to do with his success. GOD forgives, those who have sin, and from the way you talking your judging his past without looking at his current future. You must be perfect and sinful free. Get it together, and yes this is coming form a BLACK man. You people are stuck up media, read his cook and see how he lived and where he came from until today you sill see the impact he have on people today all across the world with the connection he have with the youth to inspire them that you can come from nothing.

      • Truth

        Again, OUT OF ALL THE BLACK PEOPLE doing BIG THINGS, you pick this coon! How old are you, 20. Yes he does wear a suit u idiot, but AFTER he has contributed to the thug mentality of our youth. I feel that there are other BLACK PEOPLE we can give props to that did not SELL DRUGS, degrade our women, etc., GTFOH “read his cook” YOU READ IT DUMMY! Did you mean ‘READ HIS BOOK”! I choose not to read a book by a man with 3rd grad enunciation skills and 5th grad pronunciation skills. But you, my little lost one, continue to Big Up a Baller, you idiot! Peace

        • marcus

          u sound just how u are,a person speaking from the outside looking in.Jay-z is extremely admirable in inner cities he came from the environment we come from and reached a success that is beyond expectations,your lack of disconnect with your people shows in your comments.yes there are others who a person can admire,Obama being a prime example but how do u judge a man for his way to his own success.this man employees millions of people through him just being the business that he sure u a republican i can read it in your language. Martin Luther king had his vices,he was really heavy into women and sex.does that take away from the person he was or positive influence he had on his generation.while u spending time being judgmental to another  black man’s success there are white pople not givin a f about yours..funny how we fight our on but kiss up to them…sad,You really ought to be ashamed, no really! (yo voice).

    • elzz

      bout time sumbody said it speak da truth

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  • richard beavers

    Unfortunately we have been conditioned to believe what the definition of success is based of off a Eurocentric value system. The Afrocentric value system belief is that you are to take your wealth and stature to always use it to improve the lives of your people in this instance “keeping it real” and taking care of those where you came from and not selling your soul and doing benefit concerts for Columbine and the Police and Fire Departments. These brothers could not even walk down a street in Columbine without being harassed by the Police. Need I say anything about The NYPD. The NY Fire Department has the most discriminatory hiring practices when it comes to Blacks. The Vulcan Society (Black Fire Fighters) won a class action lawsuit for these practices in 2009. Yet these are the three causes he chooses to do a benefit concert on behalf of. How about a benefit concert for Marcy Projects and put the money in an interest bearing account and it could be used to pay for the education of deserving youth who come from financial challenged homes, sot that they can have access to a good quality education. So, yes Jay-Z has the monetary success and prominence (keep in mind there is a distinct difference between prominence and power), but at what cost. Where are our more prominent Blacks who have a larger voice when it comes to speaking out against the marginalized that suffer police brutality, injustice and racism their voices have been silenced this is part of the agreement. Jay-z said in one lyric that throwback jerseys are for boys and he’s a man who now wears button up shirts and the throwback jersey industry was shut down. So the youth are listening to him – how about telling Blacks to stop calling each other ni**ers or respect your Black women and honor them as QUEENS. Gone are the days of Jim Brown, Arthur Ashe, Bill Russell, Harry Belafonte and countless other individuals who did not allow their fear of losing stature silence them and they represented a larger cause than their bank accounts. Has Jay-Z matured yes he has been sort of refined and polished up by his handlers so that they may continue to exploit his brand and he will not dare rock the boat. All Jay-Z cares about is himself, his bank account and fame what a shame and a waste. I will close on this note. Has anyone every stopped and thought why our more prominent/wealthy Blacks choose to give so abundantly and willingly to Blacks in Africa opposed to Blacks in their own country. Whites have made it acceptable to help Africans its their cause and conditioned minded Blacks follow in suit because if master says its o.k. then you won’t be punished. Many Blacks are afraid to help out other Blacks in this country in a substantial way in fear that White America will question their agenda and why is it that they are giving to Black people. It’s a problem when we do for self this goes against White supremacy and what we’ve been taught.

  • ChildPlease

    Truth… I am on your side. Your comments are on point! We (African American Community) have so many other successful black people who use their talents and skills to better our world. Making money by selling drugs (that subsequently destroyed families) and then parlaying that illegal money into a “brand”… are we recognizing that as being successful? But, nonetheless, this will be “his” legacy and one that will be told by his children and family for generations to come.

  • Natasha

    It’s never ceases to amaze me how quick we are to pick up stones and throw them.  What right  do we have, NONE! Put your stones down, teach our youth. And try building someone up instead of tearing them down.

  • The BeatHouse

    Judge not or thee yourself shall be judged. People who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones..what was the last thing you did that you shouldnt have, I don’t care how small or large it was, it was still wrong. I forgive..I forget.. I get over it…God puts a message in this whole thing..can you see it? Can you see it for yourself? What do you draw from it? What ways can his example change your life?

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  • Sachin

    PDRTJS_settings_5081596_comm_78 = {“id” : “5081596”,”unique_id” : “wp-comment-78″,”title” : “this+is+a+sure+fire+hit%21%21%21%21++i+listen+to+these+positive+vibes+erry+day..i+suggest+u+do+the+same%21%21…”,”item_id” : “_comm_78″,”permalink” : “”}this is a sure fire hit!!!! i listen to these otispive vibes erry day..i suggest u do the same!!

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