Django Unchained’s Jamie Foxx: “My Life is Built Around Race”

Controversial movie brings up race talk once again

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The Quentin Tarantino-directed “Django Unchained” has been causing controversy throughout the media.

The excessive use of the n-word has many up in arms since it’s reported that it is said more than 100 times throughout the movie.

Jamie Foxx recently talked about the n-word usage in the movie and the issue of race.

“Every single thing in my life is built around race. I don’t necessarily speak it because you can’t,” said Foxx.

The movie, “Django Unchained,” features Foxx as a freed slave, who is employed as a bounty hunter, and is on a mission to find his wife.

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  • I just read the article about Jamie Foxx ‘s role in Django Unchained and it’s amazing how people act like racism doesn’t still exist in America. Come on folks, our Presidential election had racial tension. But it’s funny how some people think we can just sweep our racial history in America under a rug. History is history,so people you’ll need to wake up and deal with the Real American history.