Jaime Foxx Bombarded with Racist Tweets Over Trayvon Martin Shirt

A litany of racist tweets were found

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jamie foxxThe shirt Jamie Foxx wore to Sunday’s 2013 MTV Movie Awards displayed the phrase “kNOw Justice” above a huge photo of Trayvon Martin and smaller photos of the children killed in the Newtown, Conn., school shooting.

Several racists expressed their displeasure on Twitter over Foxx’s t-shirt.

Public Shaming has chronicled the Tweets.

Some include: “F–k that n–ger with Trayvon Martin shirt on,” “Jamie Foxx arrives at the MTV awards wearing a shirt with dead n–ger” and, “F–k Jaime Foxx and his Trayvon Martin shirt. Mother F–ker got what he deserved.”

Read more at Public Shaming

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  • Why don’t you tell us how you really feel. Smdh It is sad that we still live in times where people still feel so much hate against one another.

  • …Like I tweeted Black Ppl (especially but not only) are BORN, REARED, BRED to stand Resilient to racist rants, it does not surprise, phase or bother us as much as those that rant would like it too! Unfortunately in the Americas racism is common mainly due to blood line obligations (not based on individual affairs)! Yes racism will never die in Americas for the simply fact some can not think for themselves and would like to believe the lies they were told! Also I’ve said it before and will say it again Black People can not be racist because we DO NOT own ourselves or communites econonmy! Yes I was Born, Reared, Bred to know thyself before thyself could stand tall!

    • neopanther

      You have a good point. Now please for God’s sake learn how to write!

      • LOL I was just mad, shut up!

      • LOL I was just mad, shut up!

        • neopanther

          Heh heh heh…

        • neopanther

          Heh heh heh…

      • You understood every word I said, LOL#Boom then I was just!

      • You understood every word I said, LOL#Boom then I was just!

    • Yes, the lies that we are told are that blacks think and act just like us. As some of us get older and get into the real world, we see how savage alot of blacks are.

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  • Its sad how this whole incident has exposed the widespread racism that still lingers in America…but maybe, just maybe, we can learn and grow from the tragedy? Yes, it is a tragedy when somebody dies for no good reason. Those who say Trayvon was a “thug” and deserved to die because he “attacked” Zimmerman reveal their bias…even if he threw the first punch, it was Zimmerman who got out of his car with a gun, because he thought Trayvon looked “suspicious”. So he was trying to protect property, and be a hero and he wound up a complete zero, and a killer to boot. Self-defense is when somebody attacks you without provocation….not when you follow somebody you THINK is up to no good with a concealed weapon, and a fight breaks out. If you are not saddened by the completely unnecessary death of Trayvon Martin, you probably need to search your soul and try and locate your misplaced humanity.

    • There was no fight, Zimmerman was assaulted. I can say the same about you and your racial bias.

    • Zimmerman committed no crime. TM did. Thuggish behavior caught up to him.

      • JON DOH

        Wow you are an ignorant idiot. Thuggish behavior what is that in reference to, if that to previous behavior of Treyvon, I am curious on how you know so much about the young man. My guess is that you don’t know anything about the kid and that reference to thuggish behavior is based on what you think you know about how young black kids act. You are an ignorant hateful man, who should not be allowed near social media.

        • MizzVikki

          You obviously haven’t kept up with the news, Doh, because it has all come out that the kid WAS a thug!

    • If Trayvon had not attacked Zimmerman, he would still be alive today. Simple.

      • Jon Doh

        IF Zimmerman listened to police and let them handle the situation rather than follow Trayvon, you would not have had the chance to show your ignorance. Simple.

        • JohnDosm

          Both are guilty and one had a gun, so one died

  • Valid EmailAddress

    Yeah well, I know justice and Treyphone got his that night. That’s what happens when you go around attacking people because you’re a black thug and think you have some kind of right to threaten to kill people who have done nothing to you. Got what he deserved. The tweets aren’t racist – they’re TRUTH. The RACIST in this is Jamie Foxx. Fuck him. And Treyphone’s dead black ass.

    • jon doh

      “dead black ass” “black thug” “the tweets aren’t racist”. I am curious as to how you define racism, not really though, something tells me intelligence is not your strength. You try so hard to fight the racism label yet espouse thoroughly racist rhetoric. WOW. You are DUMB.

  • He probably had some friends tweet him this sht so that he could claim “racist tweets!”

    First, these are not “racist” tweets, there are two tweets using racial epithets. A racial tweet would be one claiming that a particular race is inferior, or superior to others.

    Second, just how is; ““F–k Jaime Foxx and his Trayvon Martin shirt. Mother F–ker got what he deserved.” racist?” Or racial, or anything other than an opinion?

    I know the race card makes up the entire deck nowadays, but it really is pathetic how small minds use it all the goddamned time. Pathetic.

    • duh

      You are illiterate, the use of the n-word is racist. how can you defend the tweets. I am not accusing you of being racist but really really really uninformed, or the less pc version, really really really dumb.

      • MizzVikki

        How is the n-word racist if the “blacks” use it all the time? Are they racist against their own people? Probably. And not all “blacks” are “n-word” people either. Only the ones like Jamie Fox are!

  • You are his eyes so soulful. thanks