Hood Fab: 10 Signs You’re in the Ghetto

There's been a recent fascination with the 'hood, so take a look at signs you're in a struggle neighborhood

Image: Twitter

For most areas in the country, President Barack Obama’s JOBS Act was a boon for their environment, community, and area.

While that law may not have permeated some streets in neighborhoods like East New York, Brooklyn, or Watts, it’s evident that there’s a macabre fascination going on with the impoverished neighborhoods around the United States. From Banksy’s trip to Saratoga Avenue, where whites flew in to be a part of his New York residency to the current analysis of Black Twitter—being hood or ghetto is niche to those looking to make a fast buck.

As gentrification continues to rewrite the domains originally held by West Indian, Caribbean, African American and Latino individuals and families – we break down some intimate signs that denote that you live in the hood.

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