Dapper Dan Talks About Harlem’s Influence on Global Fashion

Legendary Harlem designer speaks about making a comeback

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dapper danFrom Life and Times

Before there was F.U.B.U. and Karl Kani, the streets knew about Dapper Dan.

In fact, I’m sure the influence of the Harlem designer seeped into the minds of many of that day’s young entrepreneurs and today’s as well.

It was in front of his store that the infamous street fight between Mike Tyson and Mitch Green took place. Even before that historic event, the hustlers, rappers and then celebrities were trooping to 125th Street in Harlem to get their custom-made luxury outfits personally crafted by Dapper Dan.

Dan, along with street basketball legend, Pee Wee Kirkland, discuss the designer’s career and his impending comeback in a new video.

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