Are You Bored with Celebrity Fragrances?

Jim Jones' mom and Snooki have something in common

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Rapper Jim Jones’ mother says she has a new fragrance coming out called Pum Kash (do not ask what it is supposed to smell like).

She is the latest in a string of celebrities and “celebrities” to dabble in the fragrance industry.

Beyoncé, Usher, heck even Snooki all have fragrances.

Check out Clutch for Mama Jones’ commercial for her new fragrance. Let’s hope it’s a joke. We’re all for people having more than one gig, but come on now.

Do you have a favorite celeb endorsed fragrance or are you not impressed with that particular craze?

  • I enjoy fragrances all around, and I will admit that those of celebrities tend to get my attention. I pay attention to the bottle first, the representative second, and the fragrance is what makes me buy it. My favorite perfumes for the past couple of years are both non-famous and famous. I love the hell out of Fergie’s “Outspoken,” which is only sold by Avon Cosmetics and like Victoria’s Secret’s Heavenly. But I honestly don’t know if I’d have known about either fragrance if not for the big name store or the big name person. Then again, I’ve gone into African fragrance stories and bought some delicious lotions and fragrances with no big name attached.