Black Founders Rally Support for NewMe Accelerator

Tech professionals in Silicon Valley start the summer with networking, food, and technology

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Technology entrepreneurs and start-up professionals gathered for Brunch on Sunday, June 19, to welcome participants of the NewMe Accelerator to the Bay Area. The accelerator is a nine-week program that identified eight minority-owned tech start-ups and invited them to live together in a house where they will receive mentoring and lessons on everything from funding options to user interface design and back-end coding.

In addition to the eight start-ups, more than 30 tech professionals attended the brunch, which was sponsored by Black Founders, a group formed with the purpose of connecting Black tech start-ups to one another and helping them establish relationships with mentors and venture capital funding.

Black Enterprise snagged an interview with NewMe, co-founder Angela Benton to talk about the goals of the program and what blacks in this exclusive yet popular sector need in order to succeed. Watch the video below for her insight.

  • Ty Howard


    These articles and video are very encouraging and inspiring for blacks seeking to innovate to launch start-ups. My name is Ty Howard and I and a diverse team has recently launched our own start-up in the form of Ghostrade Beta.

    Check it out as we are open to network, partnerships and community support
    First, I would like to applaud Black Enterprise and the individuals that contributed to these powerful and inspiring stories. Being an entrepreneur is new ground for most and at times can be quite lonely depending on your network of entrepreneurs. My name is Ty and a team of diverse individuals (Black, White, Hispanic, and Gender) have launched We are now in Beta form, but are seeking out partners, qualified investors, as well as community support.
    What will Ghostrade do? The end result can be a really useful direction for people to take in the proper “reuse – collection – distribution – and life extender” for a tremendous amount of equipment as it becomes available for a whole host of reasons…
    How the system works:
    We are flying out state the end of the Month to discuss this model with City of Philadelphia and other local business leaders. Additionally, several large organizations have signed on to partner.
    In short, this is truly a story that local will have missed if not covered

    See videos to Learn More:
    1. Go to to see site (See Frank Shamrock Welcome)
    2. How the system works:
    3. Ghostrade TV- Welcome Video and Biz-Talk Day

    Founded in March 2009, Ghostrade LLC is a new generation social commerce portal and business model that grew out of the idea, “The world has an inventory problem, and the value of the technology often vanishes”—even though someone in the world could have benefited from it. is privately held and serves as the online “Connective-Tissue” between people, causes, technology and environmental sustainability and is located in Phoenix, Arizona