Black Blogger Month:, Think Like a Man

Slim Jackson and his team of Single Black Male writers give a voice to uncommitted men while providing insight for women

Slim Jackson, executive editor for

Although he doesn’t consider himself a relationship expert, Slim Jackson is one of several authors behind the smart, tongue-in-cheek relationship blog, The site has become a popular stomping ground for men who need guidance on dealing with the fairer sex and women who want a glimpse into the psyche of the uncommitted man. With topics ranging from sex, love and dating to sports, entertainment and pop culture, Jackson, 29, who serves as the site’s executive editor, along with SBM’s team of opinionated gentlemen, have cultivated a home where the Black man’s perspective reigns supreme and honest advice is dispensed in clever, easy to digest prose.

In 2011, SBM took home two Black Weblog Awards (Best Blog Design; Best Blog Post Series); was featured on Ebony magazine’s Power 100 List; and appeared on The Michael Baisden Show to discuss monogamy in relationships. As part of Black Blogger Month, the Albany, NY native tells why connecting with readers means more to him than page views, and how running a successful relationship blog sometimes puts a damper on his dating life.

I started blogging because…

I’ve always loved writing. It’s been the way that I express myself best since elementary school. When I started my first personal blog, I fell in love with writing online. Even though I’ve always had a day job, writing and running Websites have been my passions.

The overhead for this blogging business costs about…

$100 [per] month; between my personal site [] and SBM. There are some premium services and features we have that make things a bit more costly. In the last year, we’ve spent around $1,000 with technical assistance, redesign, migrations [and] premium services. If you’re serious about blogging, pay to do what you don’t do well. It’ll save you time that’ll be better spent elsewhere.

The pros of working with a team of writers as opposed to running a blog solo are…

It allows you to generate more content on a weekly basis and take breaks when necessary. Having a team of writers is great. Writer’s block and burnout are very real. The biggest challenge of having a team of writers is keeping everybody motivated and on the same page. is different than other relationship blogs because of…

The diversity of perspective. We have a core team of six male writers, but we’re growing. Some might see that diversity as a challenge, which it can be for building a consistent brand, but I see it as a core competency–an advantage. We’re able to reach so many different types of people because we’re all at different stages in our lives.

People trust the Single Black Male brand because…

We’re honest. Some people love us for it. Others hate us for it. We don’t write for clicks or page views. We write authentically from the heart and mind.

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  • CHeeKZ Money

    Chea we in this mutha! SBM World Mob. Bosses 4 life. Stomping on all you little blog site! We run this. Sbm Slim. Sbm Streetz. SBM Mosty. Word life.

  • CHeeKZ Money

    I have sbm booked marked on ever computer I have. Love the combination of humor, relevance, and maturity. Keeps me entertained at work… best site on the web.

  • Bree

    I think you guys know by now I’m a huge fan and have much respect for all the SBM fam.
    Congrats and keep up the great work fella’s….*smile*

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