BET Sues Transgender Host B. Scott For $150,000

A judge previously ruled in favor of BET, and now B. Scott may have to pay

For those not keeping score, BET and B. Scott have been at war for the past year since the former forced the latter to change into men’s clothes during the 2013 BET Awards.

The transgender host decided to take the matter to court and rejected the network’s offer to settle. Now, according to TMZ, the move might have cost the embattled talking head some major bucks. To be succinct, B. Scott could end up having to pay Black Entertainment Television six figures.

Scott’s losing the case left him on the hook for BET’s attorney fees, which according to court documents, totaled $279,000. Originally, BET offered to let him off easy for $15,000, if Scott promised to drop any appeals. Given that he decided to go hard into the courts by rejecting the offer, and filed an appeal, BET is now going after him for the fees—demanding $150,000 at least.

The ever-defiant Scott isn’t going down without a fight, saying to TMZ, “No one will tell me who I should be, how I should present myself, or what I do with my life.”

Suffice to say, a judge will decide what Scott will do with his money.

  • Samantha Williams

    “Him”? It’s very clear that B. Scott identifies as female.

    • Let his bathroom behavior decide what he really is. If he drains a snake, he’s a dude. My dog thinks he’s human. But that doesn’t make it a reality. BET has the right to run their show/business in the manner that they see fit. The tranny will pay, and his ego has hurt the LGBT community.

      • Transa-saurus Rex

        Your attitude alone says a combative stance is exactly what is called for in certain situations. Also you shower with your dog…That’s gross. Nobody is asking you to sleep with a transgender person, just respect their right to be called what they feel is their gender. It isn’t hard, and it certainly will not hurt you in any way. Then again What do I know, I am one.
        We shouldn’t have to make nice with the Straight community. In my eyes there’s no such division. There are stupid people and less stupid people

        • My little dog loves to stand in the shower with me, plus his fur is clean and soft all the time! You don’t get to “feel” your gender – it is what it is. I’m trying to suggest a way for everyone to get along.

    • Transa-saurus Rex

      You’re right!

    • Lady Cyn Aptic

      This is exactly what I thought when reading this… it’s very disrespectful.

  • Guess What

    Who in the hell left the gate open?! Whoever did allowed the author to use “him” all thought his article, when the whole point is that B Scott identifies as a woman. Regardless if you agree or not, at least try to get your facts straight and use the correct pronoun, ESPECIALLY since that is what the whole law suit is about. My God.

    • Yes, “My God” is exactly the heart of the issue. How smug will B Scott be when he stands before God and announces God’s mistake? B Scott has put his mental illness above God’s will. I wouldn’t want to be him. I understand that transgenders feel uncomfortable in their skin, but therein lies the grand challenge (and ultimately, a great reward) of their lives. This earth is about addressing our challenges head on.

      • Lady Cyn Aptic

        Shut up.

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  • To settle the discussion once and for all. What you “identify” yourself as has no legal or medical standing. A chromosomal panel will answer any and all questions, should gender arise in a legal issue. He “feels” like a woman, but his XY chromosomes (male) can never be altered and therein lies the truth of his body. He can never conceive, he will never bleed, he can have body parts swapped out, but he is an XY forever. Yelling, stamping his feet, or 1,000 pink feather boas can never change that simple medical fact about himself. His daddy’s Y sperm hit the egg, and he’s a dude.

    • parkwood1920

      Wrong on everything. Medical doctors are very clear that transgender identity is a legitimate human variation. Furthermore, you may want to refrain from speaking on chromosomes and gender without an actual knowledge of biology or genetics. Chromosome pairs vary greatly among humans, and their impact on biological sex and gender can diverge wildly, and you have no way of knowing what another person’s chromosomes are just by looking at them. But of course you don’t care about biology, you just want to dehumanize B. Scott and transgender people.

      • chromosomes: a threadlike structure of nucleic acids and protein found in the nucleus of most living cells, carrying genetic information in the form of genes. Chromosomes are the basic building blocks of life where the entire genome of an organism is essentially organized and stored in the form of DNA. Genes: are a unit of heredity that is transferred from a parent to offspring and is held to determine some characteristic of the offspring. Genes determine most physical characteristics in a person, including gender (sex), blood type, eye color and height. Genes are paired. In each pair, one gene is inherited from the mother and the other from the father. You can see that if left alone with themselves, gays and transgenders are incapable of reproducing.

  • How do transgenders feel about the Michael Jackson Syndrome – when a person of color bleaches their skin until they are nearly translucent? Is that considered a betrayal to one’s self?

  • jade smith

    In the contract they might have told him he would have to dress as a man thats why he lost..yah do you unless someone iis paying you then it is work and you do what you were paid to do!

  • Rodney Jackson

    That is t he Nature of being the “Employee”

  • Lady Cyn Aptic

    Most of these responses make me feel ill. At this point transgendered folks are truly the most oppressed in Western society, they are taken as joke or their gender identity is treated like it’s everyone’s business to decipher. I hope that none of those leaving God related comments or narrow minded pseudo scientific comments have a person close to them who decides to go through transition. Or at least, if that happens, the person transitioning is strong enough to tell them to fuck off.

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