WATCH: Stephen Hill on BET Awards & Rebranding Chris Brown

Network executive shares insight on this year's award show and Chris Brown's resurrection

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BET's Stephen Hill

For the past 11 years, BET Networks has celebrated Black Music Month with their own gala event, the BET Awards. With the latest show–hosted by comedian Kevin Hart–airing this Sunday, caught up with the man responsible for pulling it all together, BET’s President of Music Programming & Specials, Stephen G. Hill. The longtime executive reveals how social media has played an integral role in the success of the BET Awards and the resurrection of The Game series, as well the network’s role in rebranding Chris Brown, who leads this year’s nominations with six.

Videographer: Melissa Johnson


    as a member of the music business for over 35 years its fascinating how america treats famous people we have short memories
    gbut if a celebrity does step way out of line as chris brown did we are immediately willing to “hang him from the gallows” –often w/out al the facts .
    let”s face it if you put money in the right place in america you can come back unless you’re dennis rodman or pete rose .
    My first reaction to chris brown was , he can sang!!, HOWEVER, remember public forgivenss and his success will not change the fact that he has serious anger management issues – which if not brought under control will affect his public image again at the very least or at the very worst destroy the man and his career .

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