‘Basketball Wives’ Meeka Claxton Talks Business, Independence & Reality TV Drama

The famed wife of Speedy Claxton talks about her thriving real estate business

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"Basketball Wives" cast member Meeka Claxton talks business with BlackEnterprise.com (Image: Press)

In season three of VH1′s hit reality series Basketall Wives viewers were introduced to the much- maligned Meeka Claxton, wife of retired NBA star Speedy Claxton and focal point of more than a few disagreements and altercations with her fellow cast members.  But beyond the drama we saw on the small screen Mrs. Claxton is an accomplished businesswoman and loving mother and wife.  BE Next spoke to Claxton about her thriving real estate business, being an independent woman and her portrayal on the show.

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  • EnigMaa

    You were the Winner in that frantic portrayal of BBall Wives.
    You were the Only one that was a WIFE!
    Proud of Your Business and Personal Life Achievments!
    On Twitter each Day!

  • Maria Carter-Evans

    Loved the interview, Thanks BE. Right On Meeka Claxton, a classy lady, in my book. Keep doing you, and stay positive. I enjoy watching beautiful sistas on T.V., so hungry for those images. It’s a shame that the production team of ‘Basketball Wives’ choose to show only the catty/negative images, or the ‘bling’ of it all. However, people are a product of their own experiences, media or no media, and WE ALL have something we really need to work on. Wouldn’t want my shortcomings aired, that’s for sure. But, in some entertainment industries (reality T.V) that’s the focus, so it seems. Hopefully, a CHANGE is gonna come. Looking for a balanced show next season. Stay Blessed Mrs. Claxton. Continue to let your light shine.