Antoine Fuqua Defends Tarantino, Admonishes Spike Lee

Spike Lee can't catch a break with his criticism of Django Unchained

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“Training Day” director Antoine Fuqua has become the latest African American in the film industry to slam Spike Lee for his criticism of director Quentin Tarantino and his movie, “Django Unchained.”

“I don’t think Quentin Tarantino has a racist bone in his body,” Fuqua said at the 17th Capri Hollywood Film Festival, according to the Hollywood Reporter. “Besides, I’m good friends with [Django Unchained star] Jamie Foxx and he wouldn’t have anything to do with a film that had anything racist to it.”

He goes on about Spike’s way of handling the situation and says, “That’s just not the way you do things. If you disagree with the way a colleague did something, call him up, invite him out for a coffee, talk about it. But don’t do it publicly.”

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  • This film battle goes back to Malcolm X. Spike Lee doesn’t like white filmmakers doing black history movies.

  • Kirk delaney miller

    I feel that antonio fuquan and spike lee is wrong for what they say bout jamiefoxx playing in what they call races they being races which is putting us as africa america back into slavery with therory what someone can do and not do