10 Reasons Why Black Girls Rock

BGR founder Beverly Bond tells us all the reasons Black women should (and will!) be celebrated

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This Sunday, celebrity DJ and former model Beverly Bond and friends celebrates the power of young Black women when her special, Black Girls Rock–an awards show based on her organization of the same name, airs on BET. With host Nia Long, performances from artists like Keyshia Cole and Monica, awardees including Ruby Dee and Raven Symone, it promises to be a dynamic and moving evening.

We asked the on-the go Bond, who founded the organizaiton in 2006 to empower adolescents and teens to expand their minds via the arts, to email us 10 reasons why she thinks Black girls rock. Here’s what she had to say!

Black girls rock…

…because we are the descendents of Queens

…because we understand sisterhood + intergenerational connectivity.

…because of the way we walk, the way we talk, & our swagger!

…because our hair is happy and it reaches towards the heavens!

…because we come in many shades and ‘many styles, many styles’ (to be sung like A Tribe Called Quest song)  🙂

…because our native soil is called the MOTHERland

…because we put GOD first!

…because we have a rhythm that is often imitated but never duplicated.

…because we are the blueprint for designer lips and hips

…because we are the mothers of humanity

…because on November 7th Black Girls around the world will stand united to celebrate our greatness and reclaim our crown!

Read more about Bond and Black Girls Rock here, and tune in to BET this Sunday, November 7, to see the Black Girls Rock Awards.

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  • Terri McCuien

    Last night, I saw a re-run of Black Girls Rock and before it was over I was in tears of joy and totallly motivated. I live in Little Rock Arkansas and I work within one of our school districts. I have on hand interatction with the girls at my school in grades pre-k to 5 th grades, and while the smaller children still have some innocence, and still need this positive motivation, my main concern is for my 4th and 5th grade girls. I TALK to them in depth and the things I can tell you that they tell me!!! These girls don’t know how to take care of themselves during their monthly c change, they argue about who is saying and doing what on facebook which leaves me to squash fights and arguements at school. Some of the smaller ones don’t know who or what sesame street is!!!!!! It has me deeply concerened and I want to know how I can help locally. I have ideas I just need the sponsorship backing. Help!!!

    • woodie Burnam

      I love the black girls rock,inc and it,s about time for black bro’s to roll (black bro’s roll,inc) together. And when we rock and roll together ours people will stand in the face of all oppositions with God on our side and by our side. With Love and peace our salute you in the name of Jesus, Rev. woodie (rev-it-up)



    I created a note and tagged my friends on FB and told them to spread the message! I ROCK! I am a powerful and beautiful Afrakan descendant. Give Thanks!

  • Alexuss OLG

    Black girls rock because we ROCK.

  • Jazzymb

    I am so thank you to you for reminding me that I do Rock. So many times we are told that we are ugly, and be littled, mistreated of some fashion. It’s should a pleaseure to have a place to share our greatness. I thank you so much for I am a Black girl who ROCKS.
    God Bless

  • Susan Williams

    I often talk to black girls and these are black girls who are dark. My God they face so much adversity. I have one. Why can’t they be accepted for who they are? Sometimes telling and showing them how to keep their heads up is so hard. I love you Beverly you Rock!

  • ruky lawal

    Just watched Black girls rock 2011 and i’m loving it. omg