Holiday Relaxation: 10 Awesome Caribbean Resorts to Explore

From adventure to romance to seclusion there's a hotel that is the perfect fit

While the Caribbean is mostly known for its white-sand beaches, delicious food and friendly locals, your experience would not be the same if it weren’t for the world-class resorts.

With brand-new properties that have been built within the past few years and renovated hotels that have made modern tweaks and lavish accommodations to draw more travelers through their doors, the ante has been ‘upped’ to attract travelers to these posh island destinations. Whether for leisure, adventure, romance or seclusion there’s a hotel that is the perfect fit in the Caribbean for you.

Check out this list of top resorts in the Caribbean to explore this holiday season and beyond:

Cap Juluca in Anguilla (Image: Cap Juluca)

Cap Juluca (Anguilla)

If there is one place that embodies the romance, serenity and physical beauty of the Caribbean, it’s Cap Juluca. Located along the intimate crescent of Maundays Bay on the exclusive island of Anguilla,Cap Juluca’s Greco-Moorish architecture is as timeless as the sea itself. From re-envisioning every guest room, to reconstructing the Main House into the new social center of the resort, to the placement of 60,000 new flowering plants, the look of Cap Juluca is both refreshed and rejuvenated. Not to mention Anguilla’s powdery white sand beaches have been enhanced with the addition of fashionable custom made chaise lounges to enhance your day at the beach.

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