[WATCH] Syracuse University Named One of the Top Business Schools For Veterans

The school offers flexible educational programs for military veterans

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Syracuse University, Whitman School of Management, earned a top spot in the Military Times, 2015 Best Business School for Veterans. With a focus on current and former service members, Syracuse University has a variety of special degrees developed for military students. So if you’re a veteran looking to start your own business or transition to the civilian workforce Syracuse University provides several flexible programs.

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The Whitman School of Management’s is an accelerated MBA for Veterans program which consists of 54 credits taken over a 14-month period. The program offers icourses in entrepreneurship with an emphasis on leadership and innovation. Courses include everything from entrepreneurship, market research and analysis to supply chain/project management, business strategy and human capital management.

The iMBA – is a distance-learning program that allows working professionals to pursue a degree through a combination of online learning and on-campus and international residencies.

The Defense Comptrollership Program (MBA/EMPA) – provides future comptrollers/resource managers with the conceptual perspective, practical and analytical tools, and management skills required in the increasingly complex, volatile, uncertain, and ambiguous resource management environment.

The LOGTECH — MS in Supply Chain Management – provides the ability to strategically align critical supply chain support services with vital tactical objectives to sustain the Department of Defense goals and objectives.

Beyond academic programs and course work, there are also several non-degree programs for people with disabilities, women, military and civilian personnel.

[Below: Watch leaders and students at the Syracuse University business discuss their experiences within the program]

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    For over 50 years, Syracuse University and Whitman have been committed
    to providing education to our nation’s military during and after their
    service to our country. As the functional demands of active-duty service
    men and women change and those transitioning out of the military seek
    educational opportunities to prepare them for the marketplace, we pride
    ourselves in providing the most comprehensive education specifically
    designed to facilitate growth. Learn about the various opportunities available to our Military and Veterans. http://whitman.syr.edu/programs-and-academics/programs/military-veteran/index.aspx

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