Aflac and BE Present: 'Direct Your Own Destiny' - Black Enterprise

Aflac and BE Present: ‘Direct Your Own Destiny’

Black Enterprise and Aflac want to guide you on the road to success by helping you Direct your own Destiny.

Aflac Sales Leader Finds Rewards in Taking the Wheel

Competitive, self-disciplined, hardworking, the St. Louis born, Chicago raised Lisa Hutcherson had devoted 18 years to retail management at various locations – from big box stores to specialty shops. But at one point, Hutcherson's sales career had hit a wall. Something was missing. "I knew my craft but I wanted recognition – a plaque... Read More »


5 Reasons Why You Need Life Insurance

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Insurance Agency Owner Shares 5 Tips for Entering the Business

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How Richard Horton Made the Transition from Musician to Insurance Sales

Richard Horton didn’t quite set his sights on becoming an insurance industry professional however Read More »

9 Awesome Certifications to Make You More Marketable

Nothing like more knowledge to boost your resume. Here are a few options to get you started. Read More »

The Art of the Cold Call: How Mastering It Can Lead to Gigs

Cringe at the thought of just calling someone you don't know, only to get the dial tone. Take tips from successful entrepreneurs. Read More »

Keep It Together: Work-Life Balance for Millennials

How to effectively juggle just starting out and bigger boss moves Read More »

Looking to Take the Freelance Leap? Here’s How to Transition

Looking to take that leap into self-employment or consulting. Here's how to take the best first steps. Read More »

Antone Barnes: From Once Designing Music Careers to Home, Interior Design

Working in the music field usually displays creativity and passion surrounded by talent and ability and it showcases, typically, the best the industry has to offer. That's also usually the case with people working behind the scenes who are equally, if not more, passionate about working with the talent and/or product at hand. As an executive in this fickle world, Antone Barnes found a place he felt comfortable in and made a nice career out of it... Read More »

Duane and Tisha Campbell Martin: From TV & Movies to Opening a Restaurant

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The 15 Best Companies for Workforce Diversity

Every July, Black Enterprise magazine identifies the "40 Best Companies for Diversity." In addition, we compile sublists for the "Best Companies for Senior Management Diversity," "Best Companies for Supplier Diversity," "Best Companies for Workforce Diversity," and "Best Companies for Board Diversity." These "sublists" include companies that are strong in one particular category of diversity. It is possible that a company might make the sublist and not the main list...
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Entrepreneur Follows Her Passion & Finds Ballooning Success

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The Many Business Ventures of Shaquille O’Neal

Post-retirement, Shaquille O'Neal has become an entrepreneur. Browse Photos »


The 5 Most Friendly States for Entrepreneurs

A recent study ranked these as the friendliest states to do business in Browse Photos »

new york

The 5 Least Friendly States for Entrepreneurs

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