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Make America Native Again

How the Presidential Candidates Are Reacting to the Violence at Trump’s Rallies

We rounded up statements from the current presidential candidates so you know exactly where they stand on the violence

Reactions to the disturbing incidents of violence at Donald Trump’s rallies have pouring in from…

By Hailey Wallace

Voter Demographics for FL, NC, OH, IL and MO

A look at the racial and ethnic compositions of the states holding March 15 primaries

Here’s a look at the voter demographics of the states holding March 15 primaries.

By Hailey Wallace

Ben Carson Endorses Donald Trump

At a press conference held at the Trump-owned Mar-A-Lago resort, Carson threw his support behind his former rival for the GOP nomination

On Friday, former presidential candidate Ben Carson formally endorsed Donald Trump for the GOP presidential…

By Hailey Wallace

Missouri Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal Leads Record-Breaking 39-Hour Filibuster

The state senator led the longest filibuster in Missouri's history against a bill that would allow discriminatory practices against same-sex couples

This week Missouri state senator, Maria Chappelle-Nadal, has been making headlines with her heroic stance…

By Hailey Wallace

Black Protestor Viciously Assaulted at Trump Rally

Rakeem Jones, 26, was sucker-punched in the face by a white Trump supporter at a rally

On Wednesday, a black man was brutally assaulted by a Donald Trump supporter at a…

By Hailey Wallace

Dalai Lama on Trump: ‘That’s your business’

The Dalai Lama offered up an amusing answer to a question on Trump posed by ABC News

The Dalai Lama offered up an amusing answer to a question on Trump posed by…

By Hailey Wallace

[OP-ED] Rubio and Cruz Opposed the Violence Against Women Act: Voters Must Oppose their Candidacy

Former mayor of Little Rock, Arkansas, and current DNC Women’s Caucus Chair, Lottie Shackelford, on the importance of the Violence Against Women Act

Former mayor of Little Rock, Arkansas, and current DNC Women’s Caucus Chair, Lottie Shackelford, on…

By BlackEnterprise.com

Everything You Need to Know About Tonight’s Univision Democratic Debate in Miami

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will go head-to-head at tonight's Democratic debate in Miami

Tonight Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will meet in Miami to face off for the…

By Hailey Wallace

Flint Sees Record-Breaking Voter Turnout, Polls to Run Out of Ballots

City officials point to the Flint water crisis as reason for the massive increase in voter turnout for last Tuesday night's primary

On Tuesday night, Flint residents came out in droves to cast their votes for the…

By Hailey Wallace

Colin Powell: There’s a Level of Intolerance in Some Parts of the Republican Party

Former Secretary of State, Colin Powell, speaks on Nancy Reagan, intolerance within his party, and the reality show that is the GOP primary

Gen. Colin Powell, the first black Secretary of State, and former chairman of the Joint…

By Hailey Wallace

Romney: Nominating Trump Would Give Hillary the White House

Romney made his opinion very clear, stating Trump is a “con man.”

Mitt Romney denounced Businessman Donald Trump in a nationally broadcast speech yesterday, also claiming nominating…

By BlackEnterprise.com

The #FreeChrisChristie Tweets You Need to See

A roundup of this week’s funniest #FreeChrisChristie tweets

Last week, Chris Christie left the country speechless with his endorsement of Donald Trump. Here’s…

By Hailey Wallace

These Democratic Lawmakers Are Leading the Call to Strengthen Disclosure of Corporate Board Diversity

Coalition of Democratic Lawmakers urge faster review of board diversity proposal

The proposal, submitted nearly a year ago, encourages the SEC to require companies to…

By Kali Wilder

hillary clinton

Hillary Clinton Holds Super Tuesday Victory Rally in NYC

Fresh off her Super Tuesday victories, Clinton reaffirmed her commitment to the labor movement while taking on Trump

Addressing Republican efforts to weaken unions, Clinton promised attendees that she would continue to advocate…

By Hailey Wallace

Ben Carson Doesn’t See “Political Path Forward”

On Wednesday, Carson signaled he would be abandoning his campaign for the Republican nomination

After a dismal Super Tuesday performance, it seems the end has come for the Ben…

By Hailey Wallace

[RECAP] Black Enterprise Candidate Watch – Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Political news curated for our audience

Check out the BE Candidate Watch on Periscope, every Wednesday morning at 12:30PM EST. You’ll…

By BlackEnterprise.com

How Blacks Voted on Super Tuesday

#BEpolitics has the latest stats on Super Tuesday's black voters

Here’s a look at how African Americans voted this year on Super Tuesday.

By Hailey Wallace

[OP-ED] How Hillary Will Break Barriers For African American Financial Health

Clinton understands that all families need a strong financial foundation to achieve their dreams—and she wants to help them build it

This wealth gap is affecting African American financial health. Here is an op-ed on how…

By BlackEnterprise.com

Tim Scott, U.S. Senator

Black History Month: Tim Scott, U.S. Senator

29 days of modern black history makers

Tim Scott (R-S.C.) made history on Capitol Hill as the first African American to be…

By Safon Floyd

For Clinton and Sanders, Nomination May Be All Over But the Shouting After Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday analysis from a Democratic insider

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton can expect a very good day on Super Tuesday…

By BlackEnterprise.com

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How to Deal With Grief While at Work

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