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Good Sign: Home Foreclosures at a Six-Year Low

Even the number of homes considered underwater are lower than a year ago.

New report supports belief that housing market is experiencing a real rebound.

By Aaron Morrison

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4 Ways to Avoid a Moving Scam

Protect yourself when making a move

Excited about getting the keys to your new place? Before you move, learn how to…

By Sheiresa Ngo

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Fantasia Loses Her House After Failing to Sell at Preferred Price

Reports are surfacing that after being unable to sell her home, she relinquishes it to the bank

Will the problems keep mounting for the American Idol winner, Fantasia, who just recently lost…

By Cedric 'BIG CED' Thornton

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6 Months After Hurricane Sandy, “Thousands” Still Homeless

Hurricane season is right around the corner

Many are still not out of the woods in the most affected areas.

By Darren Sands

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Housing Market is Up and Down, Numbers Show

Some housing construction is making a difference

New numbers have some analysts looking up.

By Kenneth Meeks

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Detroit Homeowner Threatens Potential Squatters With Gunshots

If your home is vacant in Detroit chances are someone will treat it like their home.

Detroit homeowners face squatters who make their homes their own

By Sasha King

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Childhood Home of Notorious B.I.G. Up For Sale for $725,000

The residence remains an attraction for tourists

For three-quarters of a million dollars, you, too, can let your tape rock until your…

By Darren Sands

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R. Kelly’s Chicago Mansion Foreclosed and Sold at Auction

R. Kelly is one of the highest-earning recording artists of all time

The “Trapped in the Closet” singer defaulted on a 3.5 million dollar mortgage

By Makkada B. Selah

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New Report Claims Almost a Third of Americans are Mortgage Free

Retirees comprise largest group of mortgage-free homeowners

This demographic of America is free from a mortgage obligation.

By Ashley R. Harris

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Allen Iverson Loses Atlanta Mansion to Foreclosure

Home reportedly sold for $2.5 million

Allen Iverson is again in more financial trouble.

By Darren Sands

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A Crash Course on the CFPB and Why it Matters to all Future Homeowners

It's going to be harder to get a loan, but it's for the greater good

Beginning in January, servicers will also have to notify borrowers of foreclosure alternatives after the…

By Ashley R. Harris

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Kenyon Martin’s $3 Million Home in Texas is for Sale

Clippers forward is in the twilight of his career. Could he just be starting out as a savvy businessman?

Kenyon Martin is selling a home in Texas.

By Darren Sands

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Harlem Brownstone Sells for Whopping $3 Million

Home is most expensive sale in Harlem 2012

The home went for $3 million, just over the asking price of $2.85 according to…

By Darren Sands

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Report: Freddie Mac’s Housing Forecast for 2013 Looking Up

Housing continues positive trend

Property values are expected to rise into the next year and are likely to increase…

By Ashley R. Harris

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A More Efficient Form of Relief for Hurricane Sandy Survivors

With HUD, Sandy survivors looking for a place to spend the holidays now have another option

The federal government is stepping in for families in need.

By Ashley R. Harris

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At Year’s End, Mortgage Prices Continue to Fall

Mortgage rates declining at the end of the year

Rates decline, signaling hope for the housing market

By Ashley R. Harris

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Attention New Homeowners: We Want Your Story!

Your stories can inspire others

Highlighting our victories.

By Darren Sands


Record-Low Mortgage Rates Don’t Mean You’ll Get Approved

Some struggles persist for would-be first-time homebuyers

Do low mortgage rates across the board make one more or less worthy?

By Jennifer Streaks

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NJ Governor Not Using $300 Million in Funds to Help Foreclosure Victims

Why isn't Christie helping foreclosed homeowners?

Christie hasn’t used more than $300 million in federal funds to help those struggling in…

By Black Enterprise

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Mortgage Companies Forgiving Homeowners Big Time

First report of the foreclosure abuse settlement shows banks swiftly pardoned half of the $20 bil required

First report of the foreclosure abuse settlement shows banks swiftly pardoned half of the $20…

By Sakina P. Spruell

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