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Cutting Edge: Leisure & Entertainment

Enjoy low-cost leisure activities

The nature of today’s economy may have put a damper on your summer plans by…

By Brittany Hutson

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AT&T Loses Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

Sales representative awarded more than $400,000

A Dallas jury ruled AT&T Corp. racially discriminated against a worker and ordered the telecommunications…

By Renita Burns

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Cutting Edge: Utilities and Energy

Slash utility costs

Its old news that’s still putting a hurting on your wallet: soaring energy and utility…

By Renita Burns

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The Cutting Edge: Back to School

Tips to help cut back on school spending

As you head back to school here a few additional resources to help you be…

By Renita Burns

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Cutting Edge: Throwing Green After Green

Are you spending too much on your lawn?

Are you finding that more and more of your money is being spent on maintaining…

By Gia Parker

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Cutting Edge: Squeezing Out the Extra Mile

Are you doing everything you can to save on gas?

Is there no end in sight? It’s getting increasingly hard to remember when gas was…

By Maya Yette

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Cutting Edge: BBQ Bargains

Trim the fat off the cost of your holiday entertaining

As the Fourth of July approaches, surging gas prices and soaring food costs have many…

By Renita Burns

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9 Tips to Help You Cut Your Vacation Costs

Smart tips to help you save money on your summer travel plans

It’s hard to escape the news about prices at the pump. But with all the…

By Chris Taylor

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Cutting Edge: It All Adds Up

Avoid banking fees

A $3.00 fee here; a $25.00 charge there. You’ve probably noticed—with growing alarm—how small banking…

By Chris Taylor

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Cutting Edge: Deals for Dad

Ways to save some money this Father’s Day

Many of us are finding that our pockets aren’t quite as deep as they once…

By Dale Coachman

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The Cutting Edge

Do you need to cut costs–and fast? Here are several ways to get your family finances back under control

The Spences have become true virtuosos at saving money. Whether it’s heating up frozen meals…

By Chris Taylor

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It’s Not Too Late to Cut Taxes for 2007

Here are six things you can still do to save

The IRS filing deadline for your income tax return is days away, so you may…

By Donald Jay Korn

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Gas Hits All-Time High

But you can fight soaring fuel prices at the pump

As consumers drove up to their neighborhood gas stations this weekend, they probably noticed prices…

By Carolyn M. Brown

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BE’s Top 20 Month-End Auto Deals

Fuel prices, slow sales mean deep discounts for consumers

Today’s gas prices have almost tripled since 2001, when automakers delivered 631,632 full-size SUVs. And…

By Jeff Fortson

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It’s a Buyer’s Market

For sports coupes, convertibles and trucks, there seems to be no shortage

For sports coupes, convertibles and trucks, there seems to be no shortage

By Jeff Fortson

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