When Networking and Hooking Up Collide

Some people work several agendas in the name of professional connections

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Professional mix and mingles, happy hours and other social events are great opportunities to make important connections with peers as well as potential mentors and employers. These events also can become very meat market-ish, as they tend to involve alcohol and large numbers of single people.

So how do you balance trying to get your network on while also keeping your eyes open for cuties? Here are a few tips to avoid professional and personal embarrassment as you navigate the scene!

Dress For Success: Whether you’re more interested in looking to get hired or to get asked out, you can’t be half-stepping in a situation that requires you to make a good first impression!

You also shouldn’t come club-ready either; event-appropriateness is key. Choose tasteful makeup, a flattering ‘fit (I’m a dress girl, but if you can make the pants suit work, rock it!) and comfy-yet-stylish shoes.

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