Beyond Brackets: Top 10 Most Bizarre Office Pools

From Chia pets to lying managers, these wages take the cake

ncaa bracketWith the NCAA tournament underway, many professionals are turning their eyes—and their wagers—to the popular sporting event via office pools.

According to a recent survey, one in five professionals have participated in NCAA-related pools, with the majority of those professionals being male millennials in the financial service industries.

However, for some offices, the NCAA tournament isn’t the only opportunity to make friendly wagers.

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According to Careerbuilder findings, some of the more unusual office pools workers say they’ve participated in include:

Bet on who could raise the best-looking Chia Pet

Bet on when a coworker would be fired

Bet on how long the boss’s marriage would last

Bet on how many times the boss would call a female direct report “girl” in one day

Bet on when a coworker would change his shirt, which he wore for 11 consecutive days

Bet on how much time someone would get when convicted of a crime

Bet on how many electoral votes the presidential candidates would receive

Bet on how many times the plant manager coughed during a meeting (indicating a lie)

Bet on the birth date of Prince William and Duchess Kate’s baby

Bet on how many pages were in a patient’s medical record chart