5 Workplace Habits Costing You Cash

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There’s always talk of time management and how it can either facilitate revenue or drain you of your cash. It’s quite telling how wasting time can be just like throwing money away. You could be going through the same routines every day and not realize how those routines can be ineffective and nonproductive. Take a look at a few workplace habits that could be taking salary out of your pockets:

Turn off replay.

Repeating tasks can become an epidemic. Take a minute to think about the repetitive actions you take on any given day, then invest your effort into setting up hacks.

If you send similar emails every day, create a Word document to store generic messages or try Gmail’s Canned Responses feature. Make sure you have a standard invoice template, and bookmark websites you visit regularly. Once you get your repeat-life organized, your workflow will improve.

Also consider the repeat interactions you have with customers. Create an FAQ page on your website or an introduction packet that offers in-depth insight into your services. Efforts like these don’t replace communication with your clients, but they do free up more of your time for other work.

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