3 Smart Steps for Job Seekers With No Luck

Think you've done all you can do? Try these steps

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You’ve tried everything, from networking to volunteering to practically plastering your resume on a every job site possible, and yet still no results. You’re ready to give up. Well, don’t. It’s time to change your expectations, get a new game plan, and think radical.

Here are a few smart things you can do to get the gig:

1. Think about your circles. Being unemployed is about properly managing three different circles: geography, industry and commitment. The longer you’re unemployed, the more deliberate you have to be about expanding these circles.

For example, for the first month or so, you might look for a new job in your city. During the second and third months, you might expand your search to other cities within your state.

If you experience prolonged unemployment, you might need to expand your search to other states—or even other time zones. Same goes with the industry you’re targeting and the commitment you want (full-time, part-time or hourly).

Want to potentially speed up your job search? Expand the circles quickly.

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