In the Zone: How to Get Through Struggle of Career Burnout

Sometimes you can't just quit. Here's how to work past it

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Professional burnout can be a common reality for many of today’s workers. Whether you just need a break or you’re ready to call it quits on one career to start another, compounded stress can lead to mental and physical exhaustion, as well as other negative reactions.

You may be disinterested in work, feeling overwhelmed or just not willing to get up and go. You may loathe even the thought of taking those steps toward your office door and sitting down in your cubicle. You may find yourself slacking off or getting consistently low performance reviews or numbers. Career burnout is no joke.

So, how do you get through it, especially in cases where you can just up and quit or go off on an exotic vacation? Brazen Careerist offers tips on how to navigate times of burnout to avoid a full shut-down, or avoid it all together:

Establish a burnout symptoms checklist.
Create a “best life” schedule.
Equip yourself with a just-in-case toolbox.
Master compassionate detachment.