The Power of the Collab: 4 Smart Reasons to Partner Up

You can make bigger boss moves by having a team

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Many successful leaders who have seen long-term wins often credit the help of a team to make it happen. And what’s better than one head but two—or three or several—coming together to innovate and execute for the bigger picture?

Some may think that collaborating or partnering with others not only diminishes their perceived power or bragging rights and might even be dangerous in terms of copying or stealing ideas. One writer says that’s far from the case—if you use discernment.

Inc. contributor Peter Gasca, co-founder of and, offers four good reasons collabs lead to bigger and better boss moves:

1. Embrace Collaboration

2. Participate in Collaboration

3. Promote Collaboration

4. Implement Collaboration

When taking these things into consideration, you could be on the road to more efficient and productive work habits. The best of the best work smart, not hard.