Take the Supermodel Approach to Your Job Search

To stand out above the rest you gotta work it

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What’s the difference between a supermodel and a model? Brazen Careerist knows, and they give you tips to approach your job search like a supermodel. Be unforgettable and apply these three steps to your attitude and become the super applicant.

You Will Fall–Own It: Whether you’re interviewing for your first job or your fifteenth job, there has probably been a time you’ve mis-stepped and fallen off your game during an interview. It happens to everyone, so rub some dirt on it and walk it off.

Make sure you have a story prepared about one of those times. One of the most-asked interview questions is, “What did you learn from your past job(s)?” That’s a perfect way to talk about the challenges you faced, all while keeping it positive by discussing your growth and what you learned.

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