Study: For Men, Employment is the New Sexy

Power women with own money and jobs trump trophy girls in dating preference

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A recent German surveys found men no longer prefer the beautiful—yet unemployed—trophy on their arms. They love power women who make their own coin and are independent in their careers.

In 2007, the Social Science Research Centre Berlin (WZB) asked 2,000 men and women in their life plans, and last year, the center revisited the subject with 211 of those men and women. The most recent findings reflected that more than two thirds of men expected their partner to be financially independent. In 2007, only half found that factor to be vital.

Seventy-six percent of men said having a partner without a job was out of the question, while 45 percent said they wanted a woman who earned a serious amount of money.

This echoes last year’s findings from the Hamilton Project, a Brookings Institution project that tracks earnings and life prospect trends, where marriage rates rose for top female earners, even as they declined for women in lower earning brackets.

Does this mean men are looking at more than a woman’s physical assets to focus on their intellectual and intangible capital? Considering that the average young, single woman with no children is surpassing her male peer in terms of earnings and employment, the choice to date a woman who is about her business and bringing home her own bacon may just be an indicator that  many men have no choice but to consider earnings potential and career goals in choosing their mate.

Hey, two making boss moves is always better than one, right?

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  • Wanderdust

    Great, more pressure , not only to be beautiful, a good mom and wife but rich successful career woman as well. Everyone wants it all, but real love seeks the good of another.

  • Obvious One

    So women have to be beautiful, maternal, and the breadwinner. So what do we get in return?

  • Truthofthematter

    Let’s be honest. What men really want is a replacement mother who will cook, clean, pay their bills for them and get nothing in return. The truth is most men are lazy, spoiled little boys who are needy and greedy babies. We women need to stop allowing them to be such spoiled brats and recognize all the value that WE bring to the relationship. Even women who are “unemployed” bring value if they are cooking and cleaning and taking care of the man. Let him see what it cost if he had to hire someone to do all that.

    • Travonne Fitzgerald


  • Ami

    Of course they want women to be financially independent. The WOMAN being financially independent loosely translates to “what’s HIS is HIS and what’s HERS is HIS”. This is just the same old crap that’s been going on for the last 30 years. Men have gone from having to support women, to expecting WOMEN to picking up 50% of the tab even when she makes considerably LESS money than he does, to just out and out expecting to be SUPPORTED by women even though BOTH genders are FULLY successful. Just once more, another excuse for MEN to be alleviated of ALL responsibility…relationship, children, and home….but at the same time being able to keep ALL of HIS resources to play with while there’s ALWAYS an excuse while SHE needs to finance “THEIR/HIS” home, take care of “THEIR/HIS” kids….and why HE’S always “short of cash”. So….is this article stating that men are willing to give up women who don’t quite make it in the “looks department”? NOT. So I guess….women are supposed to be willing to pursue careers in order to have “HIM” right?? Fuck off.