“Savvy Cupcake” Owner Sits Down to Talk Business and Fashion Line

Comfort for the sophisticated woman

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Creme Magazine sat down with “Savvy Cupcake” owner Shaniese Grant to discuss upcoming plans for her brand.

Name: Shaniese Grant

Company: Savvy Cupcake LLC

Year Founded: May 2011

Crème Magazine: Who’s your target consumer for the Savvy Cupcake brand?

Shaniese Grant : Savvy Cupcake is a fashion apparel company for professional women from 21-40 who want to be relaxed and maintain their sophistication.

CM: How did you come up with the name Savvy Cupcake for a clothing line?

Shaniese Grant: Naturally I wanted to name the clothing line after something that was near and dear to me. My obsession with the sweet treat of a cupcake and….   My dog is also named Cupcake.  SAVVY… is to be in the know and all of my customers are fashion conscious Savvyista’s.

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