Recruitment Tip: How to Spot Excellent Talent

Find out the key to spotting the best of the best in job candidates

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As a leader in charge of acquiring talent for companies—whether you’re a recruiter, human resources professional or small business owner—you face the challenge of getting the best talent to boost performance and grow with the business. This challenge must be met with a certain nuance, and having an eye for good talent that will stand the test of time can be valuable. But what if you don’t have that knack? Forbes writer Philip Braddy details five keys for predicting great talent. He writes:

1. Innovating. Agile learners are not afraid to challenge the status quo and long-held assumptions. They view issues from multiple angles and seek out new experiences. In practice, agile learners don’t go with the first solution that comes to mind. They take time to consider several options, as well as long-term and short-term implications.

To boost learning agility, ask people to come up with new solutions, even if seemingly tried and trusted ones exist. When faced with a challenge, ask: What is holding us back from trying something new and different? If these constraints were not in place, how would we approach this situation differently?

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