How to Cope When a Career Win Turns into a Flop

Every path has its ups and downs. Here's how to get through

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Team Barbz be warned. Due to the American Idol feud with Mariah Carey, less-than-stellar record sales of Roman Reloaded and her 2013 Grammy nominations snub, one must ponder, is Nicki Minaj losing her touch? While the “Starships” singer has expanded her brand by becoming a crossover artist, launching a new fragrance and executive producing a series of E! specials about her busy career, has Minaj reached the pinnacle of musical success with her lacefront wigs, outlandish outfits and bubble gum rap? No shade.

While she’s far from hitting rock bottom, the Queens-bred rapper may have hit a plateau in her musical career. It’s natural for people to feel stuck at one point or another. However, problems will occur when these feelings don’t subside and they start to negatively affect your job. Here are three tips on how to get out of the career rut and back on top of your game:

Think positive. Change your attitude by changing your thinking. A rut is simply a set pattern of negative thinking that causes people to become bored with what they have. In order to change your thinking, make a list of all the positive aspects about your job. Come up with as many positive attributes of your job as you can and then review this list whenever your negative thinking and boredom starts to sink in.

Continue to challenge yourself. Have you been at your job for a while and can’t seem to move up the corporate ladder? If you’re getting passed over for promotion time and time again, then it may be time to reassess your skills. Have there been instances where you failed to perform your duties? Do you have a good reputation at work? Challenge yourself by meeting and exceeding the goals and timelines you’ve set.

Switch paths. If you can’t seem to find anything good or exciting about the job or career you’re currently in, it might be time to look for something different. Research and gather information for new careers that interest you. Ask questions of people already in those industries. Learn as much as you can, identify your options and involve other people close to you so you can make a well-informed choice before leaving the stability of your current position.

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a career rut? If so, how did you deal? #SoundOff and follow Jamie on Twitter @JayNHarrison.