Pregnant & Unemployed? 5 Tips for Successful Job Seeking

If you're expecting a new bundle of joy, you can still advance your career


Anticipating a new bundle of joy has its own excitement —and stress—but add to that trying to find a new gig and you’ve got a double dose of challenges. But, that doesn’t mean all is hopeless. As a matter of fact, pregnancy shouldn’t hinder you from your boss moves. Take a cue from Brazen Careerist on how to best approach job-seeking while with child:

DO consider all obligations.

DO get started as early as possible.

DO ensure coverage.

DON’T feel pressured to disclose.

DON’T put off talking with a new employer.

When the pregnancy is obvious: If you’re seeking a job you’d like to begin after your baby is born, make that clear during the interview and have a plan for childcare that demonstrates you’re prepared to be reliable.

  • femanvate

    “don’t feel pressure to disclose”? Most companies would give a female employee the time she needs to be a mother, but need to plan for her absence.
    Asking women to hide their pregnancy from their employer defeats that very purpose, and actually hurts womens chances of getting hired.