Overqualified: 9 Smart Ways to Still Get the Job

Don't take no for an answer. Try this strategy

(Image: Thinkstock)

So maybe you’re transitioning into a new career. Or you’re exploring a second job to bring in more income. Or maybe you’ve exhausted other avenues for employment in your industry and have to decided to start from scratch to reevaluate your employment strategy.

Whatever the case, it’s never good to make it all the way to the interview only to hear, “I’m sorry, but you’re overqualified for this position.”

So how do you respond and ultimately still land the gig? Madame Noire offers a few savvy ways:

  • Focus on the job description.
  • How can you contribute.
  • Tweak your resume.
  • Tailor your cover letter.
  • Don’t look too desperate.
  • Consider honesty.
  • Hold off on salary talk.
  • Have a positive attitude.
  • Verbalize your commitment.

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